Samsung Wave II S8530

The new Mobile Phone by Samsung, Samsung Wave II S8530, the successor to the original Wave, is finally hitting the UK. Previously we thought it will be launched in December but obviously something went wrong when we needed to wait for an additional month.

The Samsung Wave II S8530 has finally been launched in the UK, although it was expected to hit the UK market in December. Wave was the first smart phone powered by Samsung’s own Bada OS and is believed to be precursor of Wave II.
Good things come to those who wait and after 4 months of waiting, the Wave II is finally hitting Continue reading Samsung Wave II S8530
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The New Nintendo Wii-U for 2012

The New Nintendo Wii-U for 2012 is getting some good backup from third-party game Nintendo sudden surprise E3 game exhibition in celebration, in the United States (U.S.), by presenting a new generation of game console, named Wii U. but Nintendo Wii U blends between conventional game console with portable gaming consoles. Yes, Wii is more similar to the U as a successor to the Nintendo DS. Moreover, Nintendo Wii U, comes with a 6.7 inch screen concept. developers such as SEGA, TECMO, and THQ. Continue reading The New Nintendo Wii-U for 2012

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