Represented by the world’s smallest 4K-Camera

One of the most important indicators of technical progress is the miniaturization of all devices and components. With most mobile gadgets manufacturers have already reached the maximum practical limit, so use the phone smaller than a wristwatch to be elementarily uncomfortable. But with all the cameras a bit more complicated, and this is confirmed by the example of a new product Flea3 from Point Grey.

Dimensions of the camera Point Grey Flea3 (FL3-U3-88S2C) make up only 29x29x30 mm, but it was enough to equip it with Sony IMX121 sensor based on CMOS-architecture Exmor R backlit. This sensor has high quantum efficiency and low noise level, so the output is very high quality picture. And even the 8.8-megapixel resolution sensor is not the main advantage of the model, the camera shoots video in the resolution of 4096×2160 pixels, but only at a frequency of up to 21 frames per second.
However, the device is not self-sufficient, the camera is Point Grey Flea3 lacks built-in battery power is supplied only from an external source. But on board the present port USB 3.0, temperature controllers and power of the current status and the buffer memory of 32 MB. In addition, the manufacturer promises to regularly update the proprietary software. Price Point Grey Flea3 very impressive, it is 945 U.S. dollars.

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Action Battlefield 3 has a new official addition

Publishing company Electronic Arts has officially announced the release of new downloadable add-on for brick-busting action first-person Battlefield 3, called Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. Knowing the policies of EA and the developers from the studio DICE, it is easy to guess that this update applies only to a fee basis. Distribution, which appeared in the distribution networks Origin (for PC) and Xbox Live, priced at U.S. 15 $.

However, you can purchase psevdobesplatnogo Battlefield 3: Close Quarters: in these circumstances, it will get to those who bought the game Battlefield 3 in the Premium version for 50 $, which included the possibility of downloading five official add-ons, including Close Quarters. MobileDevice believes that the addon is completely up to its name, because instead of large open spaces will have to fight in close quarters. This is a completely different gameplay, so players should enjoy it. For those who still do not like the corridors and other components of buildings, can destroy them literally to the stone – the developers have fulfilled their promise and created a new system of total destrakta.

Total players will be invited to four new slot location. In addition, he will receive ten new weapons and, accordingly, ammunition for them. The next addition to the Battlefield 3 will be a project called Armored Kill. For details about him, of course, were not disclosed, but gamers expect something new, exciting and interesting. Armored Kill The distribution will be available for download on all platforms on which the original game came out already in the third quarter of this year.

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Soup on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will not receive official support for Flash

Adobe has confirmed the evidence that the new version of Android – Jelly Bean 4.1, is not the official Flash Player. The player will be permanently removed from the App Store Google Play after 15 August this year. This solution involves a change of focus on the adaptation of HTML5 for mobile platforms. The company also stops the program of certification of mobile platforms for compatibility with Flash.

The press service of Adobe confirmed that the recently announced Google Nexus 7 tablet has no support for Flash. Soup operating system Ice Cream Sandwich, support Flash today, for example, Galaxy Nexus, in mid-July will receive an upgrade to the new OS, and with it – any problems at work. Earlier, Adobe announced that it intends to promote the standard of HTML5, as a solution for mobile multimedia data. According to the company Adobe, if the device is updated from version to Android 4.0 Android 4.1, the current version of Flash Player may behave unpredictably, as it is not certified for use with Android Jelly Bean, updated player in the future will not be. The company recommends to remove Flash Player from devices that have been updated to Android 4.1.

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Glass for all the Google in 2014

Sergey Brin announced yesterday in an interview that Google’s Glass should be available to all in 2014. As a reminder, Explorer Editions version for developers and that still costs 1,500$ for its part will be available early 2013. Brin also benefited from Google I / O to reveal a pair of sunglasses is also equipped with Google Glass!

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Cheerful mouse is Genius DX7100

These comfortable, five button mouse will delight in the first place, those who are tired of repetitive computer accessories. Users can choose from five bright colors or stop on the classic black version. The combination of spectacular appearance, ergonomic shape and low cost make the Genius DX-7100 a perfect choice for young and ambitious people.

The mouse is perfect for use with laptop. Like all of the latest generation of Genius mouse, it is equipped with a tiny USB-receiver, which is conveniently stored right in the slot machine, and accurate sensor BlueEye, allowing the device to work exactly on the surface of any type. In addition, the package provides for a system Stick’n’Go – the device can be in one motion to consolidate on the cover of the notebook and carry with them everywhere.

In addition to standard buttons and scroll wheel, Magic Roller on the case, there are two additional buttons. By default, they are responsible for the transition to the next or previous page in the browser, but with the help of the software can be reprogrammed for other, more popular features. Power is produced from a single mouse battery AA.

New appeared on the Russian market in June 2012 for an estimated retail price of 599 rubles.

Colors: pink, white, pink, red, blue, green, black;
Interface USB, optical sensor is 1200 dpi;
Radio frequency of 2.4 GHz;
Powered by a battery size AA;
OS Support: Windows 7/Vista/XP or Mac OSX 10.4 +;
Dimensions: 98x60x30 mm, weight 62 g

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HTC withdraws from the Brazilian market

HTC withdraws from the Brazilian market, A spokesperson for the Taiwanese company HTC confirms date information disclosed by the Brazilian daily examination namely, the end of commercialization of terminals in Brazil.

A decision that comes as the Brazilian market is a key goal for the entire industry: with 8.9 million smartphones sold in 2011, Brazil continued to rise and analysts estimate that by 2016 the country could be expected to become the fourth world market, ahead of the United Kingdom.

The HTC One will not be launched in the country and several hundred jobs will be eliminated in the Brazilian territory. The company will retain an entity in place to ensure the terminal support already on the market.

Therefore justified decision for the brand whose market share has never really stick out on the land: 0.11%.

It should also be noted that the manufacturer has recently decided to cease production of terminals “low cost”, the input terminals of range of the manufacturer is still inaccessible for the Brazilian market.

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Smartphone Sony Xperia S got Android 4.0 ICS (video)

As promised, Sony has released in early summer, the operating system upgrade to its flagship Xperia S. Recall that this smartphone was introduced in January this year. During his presentation, the Japanese manufacturer said that the new product is running an operating system Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but in the second quarter of this year will certainly get a new version of Android. And so it happened.

Updating Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is available “on air” (via W-Fi). It weighs about 200 megabytes, and bears, in addition to the operating system itself, as a number of updates including a multimedia player WALKMAN, «Album» and «Movies». Especially for the new firmware release for its flagship, Sony recorded a video demo:

The new operating system, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Xperia S model will be the player WALKMAN, which will replace the application «Music Player». Unlike the latter, in the present WALKMAN equalizer and a set of social functions, which will allow owners of the flagship of the Japanese company to talk about you like music to your friends and colleagues. According to the official site of Sony, the output of the new firmware is gradual, however long delayed, and will not be in a couple of weeks completely all owners Xperia S will be able to enjoy its benefits.

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Wacom Bamboo Splash – Classic tablet for drawing

More recently, called tablet device for drawing, but not laptops. With this in mind, Wacom has announced the appropriate device Bamboo Splash, referring to the budget level. The gadget has a target audience and is suitable for both beginners, as well as for the real professionals “brush and ink.”

Like all other modern tablets from Wacom, Bamboo Splash has a multitouch surface, which means the ability to recognize multiple simultaneous touch. Unfortunately, the number of processed pixels remains unknown. Let the compact size of the device does not fool you – he has a rather large work surface (according to MobileDevice, 5,8 x3, 6 inches) with a resolution of 2500 lpi. Remarkably, it recognizes the 1024 levels of clicking to get the lines of varying thickness. All painted on the tablet Wacom Bamboo Splash objects immediately transferred to a personal computer on the Universal Interface USB. The only refinement – the software that came with extremely compatible with operating systems Windows XP SP3 and later. Earlier works of Microsoft, and alternative operating systems are not supported, except for the Apple Mac OS X 10.5.

Theoretically, the tablet can be associated with any program for drawing, but with it comes an application ArtRage 3 Studio and Autodesk SketchBook Express. They are recommended by the manufacturer for novice users. Wacom Bamboo Splash is already on sale, and fully justifies its title of budget tablet for drawing, worth only 80 U.S. dollars.

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iPhone 5 will appear in September in an innovative housing

Maybe this year we still see the iPhone 5. Taiwanese vendors have reported that the sixth generation smartphones from Apple, we can see in September. According to the resource AppleInsider, the Cupertino-based company is waiting for an exciting September. According iDownloadBlog, Apple has the exclusive right to use the technology Liquidmetal (liquid metal).
But for the moment capacity is not possible to begin to apply the technology. In May this year, one of the inventors of Atakan Peker Liquidmetal said in an interview with Business Insider, that Apple must be at least three to five years to introduce the technology of liquid metal on an industrial scale. Alloy Liquidmetal (liquid metal), consists of zirconium, titanium, nickel, copper and other materials, has a smooth surface, like a liquid, allowing it to be product of stronger, lighter and more resistant to corrosion in comparison to currently used alloys . Engineers Apple, using such an alloy in the future, be able to construct a durable, lightweight and slim iPhone. Perhaps some part of the new alloy will be seen in the new iPhone 5 in September, without waiting for any iPhone 12 in 3 years.

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LG and Philips established the Smart TV Alliance and announced a new platform

One of the major lines of business is the production of LG branded smart TVs that go on the Internet and support the installation of additional applications. This segment of interest and other manufacturers, but in each case, they use their own operating systems. To create a single standard with LG Philips has announced the establishment of Project Smart TV Alliance.

The aim of the new organization is to develop a “non-proprietary ecosystem” that will allow software makers to offer platform-independent applications, they can be run on any smart TV. For consistency, the authors of the draft Smart TV Alliance decided to use the generally accepted standard for HTML5, which must be adapted to the features of the Smart TV.
Prior to the formal emergence of Smart TV Alliance was also information that a member of the new organization will be the company Sharp, however, in the official press release from LG is the brand name is not explicitly mentioned, although it refers to “other Japanese manufacturers.” Tool Kit SDK 2.0 will be released later this year, will come later, and smart TVs with support for the new standard. And until the moment to participate in the project Smart TV Alliance is open to all the other manufacturers.

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Became known the value of Microsoft Surface tablets

New planshetniki from Microsoft will be considerably more expensive than Apple iPad. Resource DigiTimes reported on the cost of the new Tablet PC Microsoft Surface, according to the resource, the price of new products range from 599 to 799 dollars, depending on the configuration of the model. The cost of the new Apple iPad, by comparison, starts at $ 499, while the proportion of tablet PCs from the company from Cupertino is more than 60%. Additional resource DigiTimes reports that the assembly of new device will engage the company Pegatron Technology, based in Taiwan.

This manufacturer specializes in manufacturing a wide range of consumer electronics in order, until 2010 the company was part of Asustek. Notably, the company now Asustek, rumored to be a partner in the development of the first tablet from Google, which we expect the appearance in the near future. Microsoft has yet officially in no hurry to articulate a price tag of new Tablet PCs, it will report this information closer to the date of commencement of sales. Information about the real manufacturer of hardware components as the company has not been confirmed. Recall, Microsoft plans to release two models of Tablet Surface. The first model will be based on the processor Nvidia c ARM-architecture (according to DigiTimes, it is a 4-core chip, Tegra 3) and running the operating system Windows RT. The second model is more expensive, will be equipped with an Intel Core third-generation code-named Ivy Bridge and run Windows 8 Pro.

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VLC Media Player comes to Android

Developed from a little while now, it seems that the player is VLC Media Player in the starting blocks for the next release of Android. It is the developers themselves who declare, and application will soon be available in beta on Google Play.

This will be a support software that can read all video formats, and application, in beta, might not be smooth when he arrived on the store especially regarding the HD video. VLC is certainly expected on Android phones coming soon.

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Xbox 720 Project Durango prize, release date, and new juicy details

The English media, who would have had access to almost 56 pages of description, reveals that the new Xbox will have more confusing news. As, for example, compatibility with Blu-Ray which even today is reserved for Sony in the field of home consoles. Durango but should also take advantage of new technologies, like a pair of glasses to augmented reality, or, a second version of Kinect.

According to the document that Game Informer had access, the new console will be launched in 2013, with prices rising to $ 299.99 (or 236 € and bananas). Knowing that the document dates from 2010, it may well be that the absence of Durango at E3 we suggest that its development would have been delayed. Otherwise, Microsoft will present during the 2013 edition of E3, for an output that could take place at the end of next year.

If the authenticity of the document remained to be unveiled on the internet check, some employees at Microsoft, as Michael Gapper, leaves us still believe that the information includes “a lot of truth.” Indeed, it would have explained that augmented reality was a major construction project for the Durango.

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