Instagram 3.1.0 update for Android improves recovery passwords

Update the popular Instagram app for Android, is designed to enhance photos, and to share them with friends. Application provides open access to its tape photos of a certain number of people. Thus, the tape may contain images as pictures of familiar people, and creative people from all over the world. Before placing images in share can be processed in the program, by effects. There is also a simple means for publishing images on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Posterous.

The latest release improves the function of password recovery. Continue reading Instagram 3.1.0 update for Android improves recovery passwords

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XCOM playable on Youtube

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now offering a interactive trailer inviting you to try the title without any installation.

2K has indeed released a trailer for the viewer to choose the events taking place during the presentation of his game and you have an overview of the gameplay video, which is even better than Youtube does not load a new page for each of your choices. Continue reading XCOM playable on Youtube

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Panasonic will create its own system of smart home

Following Google and IBM, Panasonic is going to create its own system of energy supply for “smart homes.” It is named SMARTHEMS and will control the power consumption in the home, in order to make it more efficient.

SMARTHEMS system based on a combination of home energy-efficient equipment in a network. In the near future Panasonic will start producing home appliances that are compatible with the system SMARTHEMS. These will include air conditioning, a different technique for the kitchen and hot water systems in a series of EcoCute. Continue reading Panasonic will create its own system of smart home

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A.P. Technology introduced a controller / amplifier for home theater

Cinema Rapture 7.1 – powerful, compact and energy-efficient controller for home theater. It provides 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 300 watts per channel at 4 ohms. And all this power is devoid of distortion. «The Cinema Rapture – a new generation of products ADA», – commented Richard Stoerger, vice president and head of the operations department of the company. “Over the last ten years, we worked on developing a modern and high-tech digital amplifier, with the result that the controller was created Cinema Rapture 7.1».

“Since 2009, the company ADA is a leading manufacturer of high-quality home theater. Continue reading A.P. Technology introduced a controller / amplifier for home theater

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Video card ASUS ROG Matrix HD 7970

Video card ASUS ROG Matrix HD 7970, which we have already mentioned the other day has been announced officially. Presented were just two cards: the “usual» Matrix, as well as modification of Platinum, which operates on a higher frequency. However, on the site of ASUS news on this event today, for some reason has disappeared.

In spite of this, most of the characteristics of the 3D-card has been known for a long time. Remained unknown frequencies that operates core and memory innovations. Continue reading Video card ASUS ROG Matrix HD 7970

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Nano Computer Foxconn nT-i1250 180$

The company Foxconn, a leading manufacturer of electronics and computer components, today announced the release of a new line of nettop NanoPC. NT-i1250 model based on the platform Intel Atom processor and uses Intel Cedar View 1.86 GHz.

Like the other models, nT-i1250 is small in size – 19h13, 5×2, 5 inches, and weighs only 450 grams. Inside the remaining space to connect one 2.5 “hard drive or 1,8” / 2,5 “SSD, one slot for RAM DDR3 1066 (up to 4GB), and even a free mini-PCIe slot for installing a TV tuner , Bluetooth or any other expansion cards. Continue reading Nano Computer Foxconn nT-i1250 180$

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Google DroidBook Nexus : The real killer MacBook

While a lot of tablets from various manufacturers is beating to death for the title of “killer iPad», Apple has quietly giggling aside and humbly content with 70 percent market share. And even as the developer of Google Android can do nothing to help their partners. Perhaps, it would cover some other sector? This question is given by the concept of Google DroidBook Nexus.

Google DroidBook Nexus concept developed designer named Bob Freking (Bob Freking). This is a logical move, because Android is though not yet very powerful, but a universal system, which means that this platform can be produced not only smartphones, tablets and media players, but something similar to laptops. Continue reading Google DroidBook Nexus : The real killer MacBook

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WINE : The Robot winemaker !

WINE for Viticulture is a small natural intelligent robot 50cm high developed by the company in Burgundy Wall-Ye, a French company, which allows to cut about 600 vines per day!

This robot has two arms winemaker, four wheels, six cameras and a GPS which allows to identify, but also to collect data on the health of the vines and soil. WINE is not the size, it can also be suckering or cleaning the floor at the foot of the vines. Continue reading WINE : The Robot winemaker !

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New network leaks hint at a quick premier smartphone HTC One X +

The first data on the smartphone HTC One X +, the successor of the current flagship One X, back to the beginning of September. It was assumed that the device will debut on September 19 in New York, but this is, as we know, has not happened, and the rumors about the product no longer appeared on the web. Until recently. Now, for a few days, several online sources have published images of the new flagship of HTC running Android.

One of the Twitter users shared the photo quality is not very HTC One X +, designed for the operator T-Mobile USA. Unfortunately, in this case, all the picture and stop there. Continue reading New network leaks hint at a quick premier smartphone HTC One X +

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Video of the Neo Geo X

Announced for December 6, here is a video of the famous Neo Geo X, the portable console with a 4.3 inch LCD screen that emulates the legendary games console Neo Geo!

Note that it will be accompanied by a scale model of the original (this cartridge, of course!) Called Neo Geo Station X that will recharge the Neo Geo X, connecting it to a TV via A / V cable or HDMI or still connect a headset (jack classical), without forgetting its SD slot. Continue reading Video of the Neo Geo X

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AMD A10-5800K can be overclocked to 6.50 GHz

New Crystal A10-5800K “Trinity” from AMD, which was presented yesterday, is capable of extreme overclocking. According to a AMD Adam Kozak (Adam Kozak), the chip is capable of such a crackdown on what can not similar to the cost of processors Intel.

Kozak said that the A10-5800K processor cost only $ 150 can accelerate to 6.50 GHz with liquid nitrogen. He also said that the A10-5800K, A8-5600K and A6-5400K costs $ 150 and below offer a greater overclocking potential than the cost of similar crystals from Intel. By the way the cheapest Intel processor with overclocking potential can be considered as Core i5-2500K costs $ 220. Continue reading AMD A10-5800K can be overclocked to 6.50 GHz

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Samsung Galaxy Note II made ​​its debut in India and Germany

Samsung Galaxy Note II went on sale in India and Germany, at the price of $ 750 and 699 euros, respectively. Today is a new planshetofon also appear in Australia and South Korea. All other countries (most of Europe) will receive Note II in the coming days.

Information for those who are not familiar with the product specifications. Galaxy Note II is an updated version planshetofona Galaxy Note, which debuted last year. In essence, we have modified the smartphone Galaxy S III.
Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Note II made ​​its debut in India and Germany

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Apple iOS against Google’s Android : The view from developer

As part of your business, you want to implement several projects mobile application. Your budget is tight and you can turn your project into a single operating system. Whether you hire internally or governed the choice of OS will be crucial quickly.

Apart from the marketing aspect involved in this process (study of market share in order to reach maximum number of users), it is important to know the technical difficulties inherent to different platforms. As long as this is the first draft of your developer, it may soon be faced with several challenges Continue reading Apple iOS against Google’s Android : The view from developer

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