Samsung buys stake in Wacom stylus

According to Korean news agency Yonhap, Samsung will take part in the capital through the purchase of Wacom 5 percent stake in the Japanese company, specializing in the production of graphics tablets. Wacom technology used in devices Galaxy Note the first and second generations.

How the deal could affect the further development of Samsung? According to the Koreans, the stylus selects products among others. For example, the digital pen makes handwriting Chinese characters. And China, as it is known, is the largest market for smartphones in the world. Part of this can be explained by the desire to market Samsung tool for writing and drawing on the touch screen. Continue reading Samsung buys stake in Wacom stylus

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Apple Mac Pro is from 1 March EU not far sold

Apple Mac Pro
From 1 March altered by the EU regulation IEC 60950-1 safety requirements for electronic devices. The Mac Pro meets these requirements, details are not yet known. Apparently, the product line for Apple zumnidest, in the European market, not profitable enough to the Mac Pro immediately adapt to the new standards. He, however, we at EU territory simply no longer sold. Intermediaries can the Mac Pro until 18 February ordered from Apple. Outside the EU will not change.

Apple focused lately on the very mobile division, but already announced before einger time to get a new Mac Pro later this year on the worldwide market. As it is, it is more practical for Apple to implement Continue reading Apple Mac Pro is from 1 March EU not far sold

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Asus Memo Pad ME172V official – 149 euro tablet from Taiwan

Asus has unveiled her most affordable tablet as expected and it will bring in the same three colors on the market soon. We had seen pictures and video from Hands On Asus Memo Pad ME172V and now it’s official.

The tablet will have a 7 inch at 1024 x 800 pixel resolution, and thus compete with the iPad Mini (at least on the size) and the even cheaper Acer Iconia B1. It has 1GB of RAM installed on the 1GHz dual-core VIA WM8950 processor. Internally you will find the 16GB memory is expandable via MicroSD. A UMTS version is not planned. As you can see, however, there are three colors to choose from which you can buy all for 149 euros from the beginning of February will. Continue reading Asus Memo Pad ME172V official – 149 euro tablet from Taiwan

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Why Philips left the market of consumer electronics ?

In the history of consumer electronics, there are two products that have spent more time on the justification for the existence of its own products than trying to keep up with the times. This Nokia and BlackBerry. Philips also put an end to its history, very deliberately. What happened?

On Tuesday it was announced that Philips sold the remains of his once-core business of Japanese Funai Electric. Dutch company piled on losses for the fourth quarter restructuring charge and a fine for price-fixing. Now, Philips no longer manufactures audio, video and multimedia accessories, leaving himself only medical equipment and lighting. If it were not for all this, the price paid the Japanese could suggest the raiding: 150 million euros and the cost of licensing the brand. Continue reading Why Philips left the market of consumer electronics ?

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GTA V: is for September

GTA V-September
GTA V will be available 17 September 2013, Rockstar confirms. Confirmed by the editor on his facebook page, the release date of GTA V will therefore be later than expected. Delay is explained by the desire to refine Rockstar title.

We know that this time exceeds four months period and originally planned that this delay will disappoint many of you, but trust us, it’s worth the effort. GTA V is a complex and ambitious that requires a little more attention to be up to the standards and your expectations. Continue reading GTA V: is for September

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Wrong Turn, or How “curve” GPS LED

Ever heard the horror stories about GPS-navigator? Not those that “went right, and then a dead end” and the very real and very tragic unusual situations? One of the last of these situations is the story of an elderly woman who drove nearly 1,500 miles in the wrong direction. But now we are not talking about it, and about one in which due to the “crooked» GPS killed a man.

Friends of the deceased Rodrigo Diaz told that set his car GPS-navigator showed not the address of the house. As a result, a man came to the wrong address, where he lived Seylors Phillip, 69-year-old pensioner who thought fearing that his house is going to get a thief. In America, all on the basis of “my house – my fortress” a fad. As a result Seylors let a few bullets, one of which came to mind Diaz. According to the story of friends of the deceased, they immediately came to leave, when the first shot, but unfortunately the second shot did find their prey. Continue reading Wrong Turn, or How “curve” GPS LED

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Allows the use of Google soon Android apps in the Chrome browser

In May, as every year, Google I / O conference held on the next hardware will also be some new software and services are presented. Daranf in preparation, Google has at its headquarters in California again raised a new Android figure. This happens to be from “chrome” so that they could thus provide an indication of a connection between the Chrome browser and Android.

Since the middle of last year I test when Google supposedly make the Android environment to run in a Chrome browser. What does this mean? You could then run all your Android apps directly in the browser and try. Furthermore, it would of course possible that you can use the apps in the Chrome browser also active and the program settings and data between the devices and the browser will be synchronized. Continue reading Allows the use of Google soon Android apps in the Chrome browser

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According to Fujifilm, FinePix F900EXR camera focuses faster than anyone in the world – for 0.05 s

Presented by Fujifilm camera FinePix F900EXR, according to the manufacturer, automatically focuses faster than any other camera in the world. In the wide-angle lens, with a focus on the central point, in the mode of High Performance, when the AF system Intelligent Hybrid AF, working in phase mode, uses a specially added to the image sensor EXR-CMOS II extra pixels, focusing time is only 0.05 seconds. Between modes Phase Detection AF and Contrast Detection AF focusing system is switched automatically according to the shooting conditions.

According to the manufacturer, the camera is suitable for travelers, as it turned out the light, compact, and at the same time, has a lens with a 20x zoom. The lens covers a range equivalent focal lengths (35mm-equivalent) from 25 to 500 mm. Continue reading According to Fujifilm, FinePix F900EXR camera focuses faster than anyone in the world – for 0.05 s

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Philips Home Entertainment division and sold on to Funai

Philips Home
Philips pulls out of the audio and video, and will produce no immediate BluRay players or more speakers. That is very unfortunate because the devices were always very good, but since Funai is acquiring the business, we will continue to receive high-quality products.

For 150 million Philips and Funai have made a deal. Just last year, the Dutch have sold their TV business to TPV in Hong Kong. Philips is also open to be from consumer electronics to move away, because they do with the LED and other divisions simply much better margins. The shares have risen following the announcement by 1.4 percent to 22.2 euros. Continue reading Philips Home Entertainment division and sold on to Funai

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Sigma updated lens 30mm f/1.4 DC HSM for SLR cameras

As we mentioned, in September last year, the company came to the Sigma range of lenses need to reorganize and improve quality control. In accordance with the new concept of Sigma Global Vision, all Sigma lenses are divided into three categories: Contemporary, Art and Sports.

A typical representative of the category Art advocates presented this week a new version of the lens Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC HSM, designed for SLR format APS-C.

The original model was released in 2005 and became the first Sigma lens for cameras APS-C, having a maximum aperture of F / 1,4. Continue reading Sigma updated lens 30mm f/1.4 DC HSM for SLR cameras

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Motherboard ASRock FM2A85X-ITX equipped with seven-port SATA 6 Gb / s port eSATA 6Gb / s

Expanded range of ASRock motherboard FM2A85X-ITX size mini-ITX, designed for AMD processors in the performance of FM2. The highlight of the product, which was built on the chipset AMD A85X, is the presence of seven ports SATA 6 Gb / s (RAID 0, 1, 10) and one port eSATA 6 Gb / s. Interface list also includes a four port USB 3.0, ports USB 2.0, PS / 2 and Gigabit Ethernet.

Food processor is built on six-phase scheme. For power supply, use a 24-pin ATX and 4-pin auxiliary connector.

The board has two slots for memory modules DIMM DDR3-1866 dual-channel configuration, the total size of up to 32 GB and a single slot PCI Express 2.0 x16.
Continue reading Motherboard ASRock FM2A85X-ITX equipped with seven-port SATA 6 Gb / s port eSATA 6Gb / s

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BlackBerry Q10 presented with keyboard and 3.1-inch touchscreen

BlackBerry Q10
Blackberry unveiled as expected not only a touchscreen device, but also a model with a proper hardware keyboard. The BlackBerry Q10 has the usual good QWERTY layout. The display is 3.1 inches and has a whopping 330 pixels per inch. Again, we will be able to choose between a white and black version

To technical data have the Z10 and Q10 pretty much alike. You have 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory with microSD slot, NFC, a microHDMI connection and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. Depending, of course, is also LTE and HSPA + are used. The Q10 will be available in the colors black and white, the exact launch not known.

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Sales of Microsoft tablet turned into a total failure

Sales of Microsoft tablet
The company Microsoft, as a partisan, silent about selling its first tablet Surface-based operating system Windows RT. From the beginning, the device was “a cat in a bag”, whose popularity is not counted. Silence from officials of the company brings to the skeptical mind, backed by analysts. More and more professionals are called Surface debut big flop.

We have already heard a lot of numbers of sales from independent companies. For example, one analyst MKM Partners said that the American company has sold a total of about 1 million Surface. From the competition, as well as the ambition and investment in an advertising campaign, this figure seems disappointing. Continue reading Sales of Microsoft tablet turned into a total failure

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