Amazon Echo will tell you flick times and NFL scores

Amazon Echo Gadgets
Amazon keeps creating its Echo speaker higher and higher. The device, battery-powered by the retailer’s Alexa voice recognition technology, is currently obtaining Associate in Nursing update that permits it to relinquish additional information concerning movies, like that area unit enjoying at theaters close to you and once, further as alternative sensible details. Your solely job is to mention audio commands like “Alexa, what action movies area unit enjoying Fri night?” or “Alexa, tell ME additional concerning Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Additionally, with Super Bowl fifty solely one or two weeks away, the handy virtual assistant has additionally gained some soccer information. other than having the ability to induce the NFL game scores (including live), you’ll be able to additionally raise Alexa for predictions. If these options haven’t hit your Echo nevertheless, don’t fret – they must arrive momentarily.

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