Americans invented the high-tech lock For Mobile Phone Users

Lockitron: The High-Tech Lock For Mobile Phone Users, Smartphone – is a versatile tool with which you can do dozens of things, and soon to be added, and another interesting feature: in the U.S. have come up with lock controlled remotely in the same smartphone.

The new device was called Lockitron. The only requirement for it to work, is a network of Wi-Fi in the room where the lock is installed. Lockitron mounted on the rotary latch after unlock / lock the door you can not get up from the couch, or directly at the meeting – in fact, to instruct your smartphone, you need only a couple of seconds. Business partners do not even notice and wife, forgetting the keys of nowhere, will be pleased.

The developers claim that the stored energy of the two batteries will last for a year of continuous operation, after which the owner receives a signal about the need to replace them. This means that the lock Lockitron can be safely left on for a long time, going on a trip or vacation with tickets from Messenger Travel. Moreover, being away from home, the owner will receive a message from Lockitron that someone came to him and knocked on the door.

On sale, Lockitron appear next year. The device will support NFS technology and a price tag that is equivalent to 180 U.S. dollars.

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