Android Robot USB Device Charger Power

Android USB Charger
We Android Gadgets are an interesting bunch, Charger Power for Android phones, although he won’t complain if you use him to charge other USB devices. Plug your USB device into his noggin and then plug his feet into the nearest power strip or outlet. He’ll happily stand by while your device charges and let you pose his arms and tousle his antennae.
New SmartPhone Gadget
Adorable Android charger for Android phones & USB devices
Moveable arms and flexible antennae
Eyes light up while charging and in standby
Choose: Green, Dark (black), Chill (white), Andra (pink)
Comes with his own stand and USB cable (micro)
Input: 120 ~ 240v AC, Output: 5V/1A DC

Android Robot USB Device Charger Power, Watch Video

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