Apple iCamera: concept breathable Camera

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Apple is one of the first to market with a digital camera, but at the time of its specifications were extremely modest, and the high demand for the product did not take place. Perhaps in the near future we are waiting for the revival of the project, and designer Thomas Moya (Tomas Moyan), seems to know what will be the camera Apple iCamera.

In his conceptual work Thomas did not rely on what technologies are now really in the market, according to the author, the camera has to be from Apple defiantly futuristic and not like anything. Therefore, a key component of iCamera is not proper optics or sensor, which makes the camera the camera, and a transparent display.


Apple iCamera

Transparent display Apple iCamera consists of two panels. The top is the actual display, which displays the interface of iOS and all the controls are shot, and the bottom is a svetosensor that constantly monitors the light level, these data are used to adjust the display brightness. On some special features Apple iCamera author does not say anything, in fact, it’s just an improved version of the iPod touch. Soundly so advanced.


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