Apple iPad 5, stylish and slim

Apple iPad 5 News_95331
If you’re lucky, the fall of this year Apple will introduce the fifth version of the brand iPad Tablet PC, although, according to some unofficial data, the device may be in the beginning of next year. From the very first version of the sample plate 2010 virtually unchanged in appearance, and this time the manufacturer can significantly change its appearance.

The designer believes that the iPad 5 will be similar to the current first-generation iPad mini, the fundamental difference is the minimum thickness of the frame on the left and right side of the screen. The author has stated its views in the same concept, with the same 9.7-inch diagonal screen iPad 5 has become more compact, narrow and thin.

As for the technical characteristics of the device, they are, as expected, have changed for the better, even if the author chose not to clarify this point. Presumably, the exit 5, Apple iPad will agree that now it is the era of quad-core processors on the flagship devices to increase graphics performance, RAM size reaches 2 GB built-in storage and will retain its maximum of 128 GB.

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