Apple iPad Mini – the new iPad and the first time to be in short supply at risk

Tablet iPad Mini, the output of which is expected later this month, is increasingly becoming the hero of news. According to one source, referring to the words of Brian White (Brian White), an analyst Tokepa, who got a chance to talk with suppliers of components, the new tablet may be thinner and more elegant than the older model.

“Apple is not stingy on the aesthetic component of the long-awaited iPad Mini, – said Mr. White. – In fact, we believe that the iPad Mini may overshadow the new iPad on the part of the device has felt in the hands of the user.”

As for the price, allegedly, Apple expects the iPad Mini will be able to compete with the two main contenders in the segment of a seven-inch tablet: Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

However, the first time, the problem might not be in the ability of the tablet iPad Mini to compete with other tablets, and Apple’s ability to meet demand. The plate was rather difficult to produce, so it set up its production in sufficient volume was not easy. According to Mr. White, the “first supply will be limited.”

Another source gives an indication of the planned volume of supply. Allegedly, contract manufacturers received orders for the release of more than 10 million units in the current quarter. This is about twice the volume of orders for tablet Amazon Kindle Fire.

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