Apple lost 8.1% market share in Tablet PCs

Apple Tablet PCs
Despite the fact that the Apple iPad is still the most popular tablet computer in the world, continues to steadily lose market share. Thus, according to experts iDC, for the fourth quarter iPad market share declined by 8.1% compared to the same period of 2011. The volume of deliveries rose by half, from 15.1 million to 22.9 million, but the total share with decreased from 51.7% to 43.6%.

Of course, almost all of the lost Apple “picked” the company Samsung, which is very immodest increased its share from 7.3% to 15.1%, while the supply has increased from 2.2 million to 7.9 million is not an understatement and the company ASUS, which also fortunate to become the official partner of Google, as a result of the Taiwanese manufacturer has increased its share from 2% to 600 thousand tablets set to 5.8% and 3.1 million tablets set for the fourth quarter of last year.
As for the other manufacturers, caught up in the “Other”, then this steady growth, all other companies together raised together share from 18.5% to 22.1%, while the supply increased from 5.5 million to 11 6 million with no luck “book” brand Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Amazon has reduced its stake from 15.9% to 11.5%, and Barnes & Noble “fell” from 4.6% to 1.9%. Of course, in the last two cases we have in mind share in the category “Other” and not the entire global tablet market.

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