Apple reportedly halved the display orders for the iPhone 5

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A number of media was to read today that Apple has reduced orders for the iPhone 5 display with suppliers drastically by half. Explained that was mostly with the alleged bad Vekaufszahlen the latest iPhones. Apple is not commenting on the rumors as usual.

But this is at all true? expects and finds some of the contradictions. So reports the original source of this information, the Japanese business daily Nikkei that 65 million iPhone were ordered 5 displays for the sales are traditionally weak quarter of 2013 / I. That makes no sense, because realistic forecasts for the first quarter predicted only up to 35 million iPhones sold. In addition, Apple used for the iPod touch, the display of the same in the Nikkei, however, are not mentioned. Instead, it is written explicitly by the iPhone 5.

Meanwhile, the actual figure of 65 million is also not to be found in the original article. Whether halving a number has taken place, no one knows, that is a very vague rumor and not worth mentioning.

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