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iPad 2 Mini with Retina: production will start in the nearest future

It is quite possible that the Cupertino company will soon start production of second-generation iPad mini, which will be equipped with a Retina display. If this is true, then release the tablet market really can expect around the middle of next year.

The plans to equip the mini iPad 2 Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels you have already mentioned several times, the last due to the extensive service Digitimes report. The question is: when will start mass production of this device, and consequently, Continue reading iPad 2 Mini with Retina: production will start in the nearest future

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The iPad Mini for November 2

On 23 October, ie Tuesday, the iPad Mini will likely be presented. Real sea serpent years, the miniaturized version of the iPad has not even officially exist. Only leaks have allowed us to see what would look like the Apple machine.

But a few days before the presentation, the rumors about touchscreen slate continue to feed the web, and as often is the site 9to5mac which is the origin of the rumor of the day. Depending on the site, revealed information on his Twitter account, the next device from Apple would come out on November 2. Continue reading The iPad Mini for November 2

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Apple iPad Mini – the new iPad and the first time to be in short supply at risk

Tablet iPad Mini, the output of which is expected later this month, is increasingly becoming the hero of news. According to one source, referring to the words of Brian White (Brian White), an analyst Tokepa, who got a chance to talk with suppliers of components, the new tablet may be thinner and more elegant than the older model.

“Apple is not stingy on the aesthetic component of the long-awaited iPad Mini, – said Mr. White. – In fact, we believe that the iPad Mini may overshadow the new iPad on the part of the device has felt in the hands of the user.” Continue reading Apple iPad Mini – the new iPad and the first time to be in short supply at risk

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Bright outfit for the new iPad Cases

Moscow, September 18, 2012 – On the Russian market was protective case for iPad Bone New iPad SmartSkin with practical dirt-repellent coating and memorable design.

The main objective of any protective accessory for portable equipment – to save the unit from mechanical damage, moisture, dust and fingerprints. But it’s hard to argue with the assertion that the protective covers for smartphones and tablets do more and aesthetic function, allowing the user to personalize and highlight his trusty mobile assistant from other similar models. Protective Case for iPad Bone New iPad SmartSkin copes with this function. Continue reading Bright outfit for the new iPad Cases

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Logitech keyboard starts selling white-caps Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

Range of Logitech added a white version of an accessory for the tablet iPad, which acts as a protective cover and keyboard.

Novelty is the kind of device Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, which was submitted in April, and was available in black. She joins the tablet with a magnetic fastening. Built-in keyboard battery provides up to six months of battery life (provided that it is used by up to two hours per day). The keyboard can be connected to the Apple iPad 2 and iPad. Continue reading Logitech keyboard starts selling white-caps Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

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Pinterest submitted applications for Android, iPad and iPhone

The creators of the popular service Pinterest, which, we recall, recently opened a free registration, has reported that mobile applications dllya Android, iPad and iPhone. It is reported that an Android app should work on all devices: smartphones and tablets, and different screen resolutions. Is the most functional app for iPad, Enables many features of the tablet from Apple. Continue reading Pinterest submitted applications for Android, iPad and iPhone

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Apple could announce its iPad Mini to 299 $ in October

The rumors surrounding the possible development of an iPad Mini run for some time now, but it would seem that they have started to be more insistence even with the recent announcement of the tablet Google Nexus 7. Just this morning we heard a rumor about some details of the screen iPad mini and its price. The analyst Andy Hargreaves of Pacific Crest shared his views on the situation by suggesting that an iPad Mini 7.85 inch could take his first steps in the fourth quarter of this year.
Hargreaves believes that the iPad Mini will feature an internal storage capacity of 8GB and is priced at $ 299 with an initial margin of 31% gross in a research note that he shared last Thursday. According to Hargreaves, the iPad 2 to $ 399.99 would probably be killed by Apple to make way for the iPad Mini. Regarding the number of mini iPad that could be sold, Hargreaves estimated 10 million units by December 2012 and 35.2 million units in 2013. The total sales of iPad could reach 91.6 million units.

Another promising note for investors is that Hargreaves predicts that Apple’s stock will rise to $ 690 instead of $ 630 he had originally announced in a previous analysis. A mini iPad could certainly shake the market shelves and bring some unwanted competition to the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire. And you, what do you think of this speculation around the iPad Mini? If it proved true, would you buy one? Feel free to share with us your impressions about it, using the comments section that is located below.

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Loewe Assist Media remote control App for the iPad

Loewe released his iPad application dedicated to its TVs, the Loewe Assist Media App. If you have a Loewe TV, more searching around your remote, your iPhone has enough control your TV.
Thus, you can change the channel, get info on current programs, the TV program checker, record a program, open directly into the favorite channel, in short, the total directly on the tablet. The Loewe Assist Media App is available for free at first

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Max Payne The most badass cop of the world belongs to iPad

A beautiful autumn day in New York, the birds are singing, the rain falls, Max is a cop normal, linking the arrests of juvenile offenders and aligning badly parked cars. Unfortunately, and unlike the rest of his colleagues for whom the future will continue to consist of donuts in the break room and beatings of demonstrators, the daily Max will be turned upside down: it was brutally killed his wife and baby. Like that for nothing. Nobody knows why, and the worst may be that everyone who cares.
Max Payne is a puzzle game that revolves around the legitimacy of justice and its ability to act, you éplucherez the criminal and civil codes for hours before finding a flaw in the procedures and … no kidding, max is not happy, he takes his shotgun, it activates the bullet-time and he does everything blow up. If you played the game there are about ten years, you know it’s a must-have title on PC, like many games of Rockstar Game. But unlike the GTA who can tire of them by more than one open side, Max Payne is one of the first titles that literally caught thousands of players through a narrative with onions.
It is linear, but follow Max in his madness, level after level, was ten years ago an amazing experience for the player I was. And these gunfights! Max Payne is the first to have given the game a cinematic adding this control of time when the situation degenerated, allowing you to chain kills with more ease while flattering your peepers. So when someone offers me to play again on iPad and for only 2 € 39, the PC player in me shouts “Heretic! You need a keyboard! “But oh well, too bad, the nostalgia has already clicked” Buy “.

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Clever pouch that doubles as a multi-angle bracket for iPad and other touch pads

Clever pouch that doubles as a multi-angle bracket for iPad and other touch pads, When one has acquired a touch pad, it should be effective protection against minor impacts on the move and once there, you may want to install it at different angles. This is what the shop offers the Digital World with the pouch Mizar Smart Stand Pouch for iPad and other touch pads.

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New Apple iPad 3 review

The new Apple iPad, the iPad 3, the new iPad 3 and new gadgets by call it what you want, but it is a device that looks remarkably like the outside of the iPad 2, but with a revision of the bowels. Continue reading New Apple iPad 3 review

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The New Apple iPad 2

The new apple iPad 2 in January 2011 prototype at the event had a front-facing camera at the top edge of the glass screen. Another unnamed source confirmed that the iPad 2 existed but didn’t confirm whether it was at the event.According to publication Economy Daily News, the new upcoming Apple iPad 2 will have a video phone (FaceTime), better mobility options, a USB port, Retina Display, and 3-axis gyroscopes to make gaming better.The iPad 2 is also rumored to utilize smaller size panels with thinner glass. Continue reading The New Apple iPad 2

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New Apple iPad

The New Apple iPad in-store as soon as Oct. 15, with a goal of having the tablet computers in around 2,300 stores by mid-November.That timing puts the company just in time for the famed shopping rush of Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving).Right now you can order the 64GB iPad with Wi-Fi, and the 32 and 64GB iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G online at, but buyers have to pick the tablets up in store.The world’s largest retailer said it would start carrying all six iPad types this Friday, including both Wi-Fi and 3G + Wi-Fi models Continue reading New Apple iPad

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