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LIMBO available on iOS

Playdead today announced the release of LIMBO on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. LIMBO is a puzzle game action adventure oriented, created by Arnt Jensen, he debuted on consoles in 2010 and has since been awarded with more than 100 awards worldwide. Continue reading LIMBO available on iOS

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Poster presentation confirmed iOS 7 WWDC 2013

iOS 7 WWDC 2013
iOS 7 WWDC 2013, It was quite likely but say that now we also have a great track possible visual format. The poster you see on these lines has been placed at the Moscone Center in San Francisco (just where will be the WWDC 2013), so that would confirm that on Monday we will see iOS 7 on the stage. Continue reading Poster presentation confirmed iOS 7 WWDC 2013

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Search App google Now integration under iOS now with Google

With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google introduced the personal assistant Google Now. This is chosen with Android users rather and informs for example about train departure times or the trip duration until home with the car. Long became gerätselt whether the Google Now comes also on iOS, yesterday afternoon was it then surprisingly so far. Google missed the search App under iOS an update and integrated directly Google Now. It also iOS user can remind one now of impending appointments, flights or a reservation.

How also can under Android Google Now process also language petition under iOS, ask can so that one for example “customs I this weekend an umbrella”? or “who plays in Oblivion with?”. In the attitudes, one yet can select moreover, which information one would like to have represented everyone. These are designated as a “cards”, that one can push like under Android very simply also again away. The search App for iOS is naturally as always free, you find it in Apples App Store. A video of Google Now for iOS gives it in the connection. Continue reading Search App google Now integration under iOS now with Google

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News Feed, Talk Heads and 3d stickers on Facebook pertaining to iOS

Despite the fact that, the update is not available, is it doesn’t official announcement that Myspace iOS version could have an element of the Website on the actual iPad and iPhone gadgets. Till date we knew that this software associated with iOS is not compatible together with Facebook Home which is true. But steps are being taken to create it legitimate. For any time being at least, we understand that Facebook CTO and Apple Cell Head are talking the item out!

Conversation Heads along with Stickers
Chat Heads will be included about iOS, but were still in the dark when most of us wonder whether will probably be a altered app or section of the Facebook Messenger request. Yet we can surely count on better features into it like pulling the talk session or simply click in order to close. Messaging allows you stickers too, and you can collect these people from Stickers Store. Continue reading News Feed, Talk Heads and 3d stickers on Facebook pertaining to iOS

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BMW announces compatibility having four fresh iOS, removable in-car LTE router

Only at that year’s Nyc International Vehicle Show BMW can be expanding it’s portfolio of connected blog simply by four. The organization announced iOS integration with regard to Audible, Glympse, Rhapsody along with TuneIn Airwaves and we all couldn’t assist but swing action by to check on them almost all out.

This integration (which also will work with Connected Minis) involves an up-date to people existing iOS blog. In other words, you’ll not need a passionate BMW software nor second versions of these individual blog. You may use the ones you know and appreciate.

Join us below for a little more information on how that works, and a short look at the business’s in-car LTE router which is also with display. Continue reading BMW announces compatibility having four fresh iOS, removable in-car LTE router

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Apple revisions Find My Friends together with completely new UI

Many of us have not observed several changes to help Apple’s location-based Uncover My Buddies software because it debuted in iOS 5 greater than a year before. Cupertino will need to have noticed it can be time period to have an revise; this company merely overhauled the actual element to include a new USER INTERFACE and much more appropriate location-based notifies.

The software will today allow you to define the length from the area for obtaining signals – so you can get a new ping if a friend arrives at the actual campus stockpile rather than the dorms, in particular.

The renovated software in addition simplifies the actual notification process to suit on a single webpage, along with alternatives to receive notifies once your friends get to or depart a certain position, together with controls for notifying some others according to your neighborhood. The revise can be found today for users running iOS 6. 1 or afterwards. Continue reading Apple revisions Find My Friends together with completely new UI

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Apple buys WiFiSLAM, mapping specialist domestic

The Maps application for iOS 6 has seen many avatars, as well as the laughingstock of Google Maps users – and with good reason. Tim Cook even had to apologize for the poor quality of the map data of this new service. But Apple has the means to drastically improve its offer, and if Apple Maps is still not at the level of competition, the service has undergone many improvements since.

This could still work out. Apple has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal the acquisition of sapling WiFiSLAM, created two years ago by a former Google engineer. This redemption, up to 20 million dollars (a straw to Cupertino) suggests that the manufacturer intends to add a string to the bow of his location application. Continue reading Apple buys WiFiSLAM, mapping specialist domestic

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Apple has released iOS 6.1

update-Apple-iOS 6
Since the summer of last year, when we saw the announcement of iOS 6, Apple has no significant updates to the operating system did not. During the time that we have not heard about the possible updates, Apple engineers have done a lot of work and put it into the new iOS 6.1.

According to the official website of Apple, the most significant update to iOS 6.1 release is enhanced network LTE. Thanks to the new version of the operating system to work in networks of the fourth generation of users will be able to 36 new operators for the iPhone and iPad to 23 worldwide. See full list of operators can be here. I would also like to note that Apple has once again added to the list of supported languages ​​program Siri, the Russian language has once again been included in the updated list. In addition, Siri, new features – voice assistant can now buy movie tickets. Continue reading Apple has released iOS 6.1

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8 Instagram alternatives at a glance

8 Instagram alternatives at a glance
Instagram has recently been frequently talked about. First, the Android app came on the market, then the service for a very considerable sum of Facebook has taken over and eventually you have changed the terms and conditions, which has led to some dissatisfaction among users. In addition to Instagram but there are still plenty of alternatives to his images with more or less fancy effects provide. Here we want to show short time now 8 of them.

There’s Yahoo photo service Flickr has been around for quite a while on the market, but the app has recently finally received a major overhaul. This now brings 16 filters and effects as well as various other color new digital gadgets for pictures with them. Also, you can still manually add to the brightness and the contrast of hand. Continue reading 8 Instagram alternatives at a glance

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Apple Releases iTunes 11 for OSX and Windows

On the presentation of the iPhone 5 Apple first showed the latest iTunes version 11 Now the new versions available after a delay of about a month. Which can be downloaded for Windows un-OSX users immediately. The new features include a revised interface, a mini player and improved integration with iCloud. In addition, the software has gained a lot of speed, so it is now in this regard should not be any complaints.

Who wants to look at the latest version, Continue reading Apple Releases iTunes 11 for OSX and Windows

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Must Have Poker Apps for the IOS

If you have been looking for poker apps for the IOS, then you have quickly realized that most are not even worth the download. Chances are that you already have downloaded Zynga Poker and are ready for something else and maybe something a bit different. As such, we present to you some must have poker themed apps for the IOS.

Poker Drop
Poker Drop is not your typical poker game. It combines elements of both poker and Tetris in a fun and addicting game. Continue reading Must Have Poker Apps for the IOS

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iOS 7 Apple – our wishlist

For a few weeks we can enjoy the software iOS 6 on iGadżetach. But Apple accustomed us to share the new version of the iUrządzeń at about a year. Perhaps soon the network will appear first rumors about iOS 7, and the system will be officially unveiled certainty in June at WWDC, and put in the form of an upgrade in the autumn of 2013. We do not know at the moment what exactly Apple is preparing designed for this version of the software, but its proposals are five features that we’d seen in the new iOS. Here they are!

Support user accounts
Let’s face it, but the iPad is indeed designed for a single user, but uses iOS tablet every day with us a few people in the house, right? Continue reading iOS 7 Apple – our wishlist

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Tumblr iOS: finally a native application – download Tumblr iOS

An update is available for the Tumblr iOS users a new version offering a pleasant browsing fast, but more importantly, completely native application.

The microblogging site, which recently passed the 20 billion page views per month, offers us a new application much more responsive. Program, a new interface for Dashboard with larger photos and more rapid publication. You also have a new layout for the pages of blogs, with the display of avatars and descriptions, as well as a new preview for notifications. In fact, you can now see what tickets were loved reblogués or commented. Continue reading Tumblr iOS: finally a native application – download Tumblr iOS

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