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The New Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM 7-inch GPS

The New Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM 7-inch GPS with free map from Magellan Navigation System has a large monitor and a unique retractable mounting arm that makes it ideal for use in larger SUVs and RVs, but it works equally well for drivers with smaller vehicles. Continue reading The New Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM 7-inch GPS

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The new iPod Touch

The new iPod Touch and Digital Camera, it is not just a rumor, it is true that a new iPad touch will come in September, following on from fervent speculation concerning a possible new version of Apple’s iPod Touch being in the wings, we have the first images of the new Apple device yes, we have probably one of the biggest scoops of the year thanks to unearthing the new iPod Touch’s product page which is yet to go fully live. Continue reading The new iPod Touch

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New Sanho crams 640GB HyperDrive album

The New Sanho crams 640GB memories in your pocket with the HyperDrive album but few of them offer the capacity and speed found on the HyperDrive album By EPSON. Produced by none other than Sanho  the same dudes and dudettes responsible for these wonderful Continue reading New Sanho crams 640GB HyperDrive album

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New Sony GPS System NV-U92T

The New Sony GPS System NV-U92T expand its GPS product lines with the new NV-U921. The device is only 2 cm thin and comes with multi features include TMC receiver and Position Plus Technology for great loss signal anticipation. GPS Sony’s new NV-U92T has 4.8″-inch Continue reading New Sony GPS System NV-U92T

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Optimus Tactus Keyboard

The New Optimus Tactus Keyboard Optimus Tactus Keyboard is all about. It’s a touchscreen flat surface “touchboard” (I can no longer use “keyboard” because now it has none). That allows you to program each individual keys on wherever you like it. The cool thing about this keyboard is after pressing here and there, just wipe up those sweat and smudges and you can turn it to a video screen. Optimus tactus ins not the normal key board optimums has no physical keys as the other key boards the very first thing you will be able to notice with programmable memory so that you can program the surface if you want it to be like your normal keyboard.

This keyboard can eventually convert it into a video-playing surface. Watch your favorite movie in your keyboard the very sexy and unique feature of the optimus. These are some cool features of the optiums
Pretty amazing but considering that their Optimus Maximus already costs $1,500 I don’t really want to know how much this keyboard would cost if it will ever be manufactured. Continue reading Optimus Tactus Keyboard

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