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GamePop console Android to plays games iOS apps on the TV!

GamePop console Android
Android consoles are all the rage, but Gamepop Bluestack could pull ahead of the game with an amazing feature. Indeed, the creators of the machine announced she would be able to play iOS games. Continue reading GamePop console Android to plays games iOS apps on the TV!

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Asus Unveils VivoPC and Vivo Mouse before officially

Asus Unveils VivoPC
ASUS has also just announced the its new all-in-one desktop PC, amid lofty claims of transforming the living room. The new ASUS VivoPC is a mini PC with easy access to memory and storage bays for quick and painless upgrading of the device. The VivoPC, together with the new ASUS VivoMouse which can also be used as a remote control and touch pad, promises to change living room entertainment.

Asus news what it is, of course, the Asus has held the press conference for this year’s Computex 2013 in Taipei recently. There, the PC maker has also presented a new VivoPC and a Vivo Mouse. Continue reading Asus Unveils VivoPC and Vivo Mouse before officially

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Razer reveals the Blade Pro gaming laptops update: $999

The Razer Blade gaming laptop 14-inch Razer Blade features 8GB of fast 1600MHz DDR3L memory combined with faster solid state performance of up to 512GB of storage, is a revolutionary game changer. Performance powered by the future 4th gen latest Intel Core i7 processor, Next Generation NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M gaming grade graphics, in an impossibly thin profile, you get the world’s thinnest gaming laptop computer.

The Blade Pro comes with Razer’s Switchblade interface, a trio of USB 3.0 ports, 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 1920 x 1080 display. Continue reading Razer reveals the Blade Pro gaming laptops update: $999

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Dell S2240T touch screen 21.5-inch full HD

Dell S2240T
Dell may have already a 23-inch multi-touch screen, but if you’re looking for something a little smaller and more cost-effective, then we have nice thing about it for you. The company informed us regarding its new style named “S2240T, inch a 21. 5-inch touch monitor while using the same 1, 920 back button 1, 080 image resolution as its more substantial sibling. Continue reading Dell S2240T touch screen 21.5-inch full HD

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Lenovo unveils ThinkPad X230s

Lenovo ThinkPad X230s
Lenovo has unveiled its new ThinkPad X230s, an Ultrabook 12.5 inches (1366 x 768) to less than 1000 €.

The ThinkPad X230s is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor with up to 8GB of RAM, a 240GB SSD or a 1TB hard drive, a 720p webcam, WiFi, an Ethernet port, an SDHC port, 2 USB ports 3.0, VGA and a Mini DisplayPort, all Windows 8 with a weight of 1.28kg with a thickness of 17.7mm. Continue reading Lenovo unveils ThinkPad X230s

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Mention APU AMD A8-6500B seen on the MSI

Mention APU AMD A8-6500B
Some time ago on the site Biostar found mention of the three models of hybrid processors AMD, designed for business PCs. It was about the models A4-6300B, A6-6400B and A10-6800B, the specification of which exactly match the specifications of models A4-6300, A6-6400K and A10-6800K. As it turned out, AMD also plans to release a “business” model A8-6500B, related to a series of A8.

This APU has been seen by our colleagues at the MSI web site in the list of processors supported by the motherboard MSI FM2-A75IA-E53. Continue reading Mention APU AMD A8-6500B seen on the MSI

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New Laptop Acer Aspire R7

Acer announced its new laptop hybrid Full HD and as you could see with the announcement, it offers four functions from classic to giant laptop tablet through the “Ezel fashion Hinge “used to have a sort of floating above the keyboard.

To do this, Acer has developed an ingenious hinge system that does not take much space and it will allow you to switch from one mode to another. Indeed, that is why Acer has not placed his trackpad below the keyboard but above. Indeed, the Taiwanese manufacturer has gone on the principle that often uses either the keyboard and trackpad or keyboard and the touch screen, but never all three at the same time or very little. Ideally, I’m not totally against and I can understand the logic of the brand!

In terms of features, I refer to the announcement HERE. It will be available this May with prices starting from € 999. Hinge on the course but also retain the touch screen Full HD and the new position of the trackpad. Continue reading New Laptop Acer Aspire R7

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Search App google Now integration under iOS now with Google

With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google introduced the personal assistant Google Now. This is chosen with Android users rather and informs for example about train departure times or the trip duration until home with the car. Long became gerätselt whether the Google Now comes also on iOS, yesterday afternoon was it then surprisingly so far. Google missed the search App under iOS an update and integrated directly Google Now. It also iOS user can remind one now of impending appointments, flights or a reservation.

How also can under Android Google Now process also language petition under iOS, ask can so that one for example “customs I this weekend an umbrella”? or “who plays in Oblivion with?”. In the attitudes, one yet can select moreover, which information one would like to have represented everyone. These are designated as a “cards”, that one can push like under Android very simply also again away. The search App for iOS is naturally as always free, you find it in Apples App Store. A video of Google Now for iOS gives it in the connection. Continue reading Search App google Now integration under iOS now with Google

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Skype with regard to Windows 8 performance improvements

The update’s available skype in Windows 8 Store, so what are you waiting for It’s been a few months since the last update, and this revision brings more features to the table, including contact blocking and a slew of performance tweaks. Those of you using Skype in Windows 8 will be happy to know that Microsoft’s just bumped the app to version 1.6. You’re now able to block users, with an option to remove or report the offending party.

Speed and reliability have been improved, especially when loading contacts, and a number of bugs have been fixed, including one where the outgoing video was not always displayed after switching cameras. Continue reading Skype with regard to Windows 8 performance improvements

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AMD Radeon HD 7990 states that hello, has a little Battlefield several in GDC

Game enthusiasts had been down-right rotten as of this year’s GDC having a full 17 min’s involving gorgeous Battlefield 5 in-game video footage. Thoughts broken, AMD required accountability for your component the item played out inside the chaos, confessing the actual test seemed to be jogging on their Radeon HD 7990 artwork card.

It is the very first time their established the actual lifetime on the long-fabled card, and journeyed in terms of contacting the actual case-busting creature “the planet’s best. inches Just about all could could be the card includes a couple on the HD 7970’s Tahiti GPUs AMD’s not necessarily revealing the full technical specs but the eagle-eyed folks on AnandTech possess plucked a couple of added facts from the constrained photographs obtainable. Continue reading AMD Radeon HD 7990 states that hello, has a little Battlefield several in GDC

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Lenovo moves out extra-compact ThinkCentre Border 62z all-in-one intended for $549

A number of Lenovo’s seasoned customers can be quite fussy: hospitals and also schools need multiple computers in a very small location, but with no skimping for the usual characteristics they’d assume from a desktop. If just about any PC might resolve those contradictory requires, it may very well be the businesses new ThinkCentre Advantage 62z. The particular extra-angular style purportedly meets a 18. 5-inch all-in-one right into a third on the space of your 20-inch exhibit, all although carrying up to and including Core i3 processor and also a DVD burner.

Whether or not you understand the 62z being a feat regarding engineering, the design has some room to grow with approximately 8GB regarding RAM and also a 1TB hard drive. The price could be the real clincher for a lot of customers — Lenovo can expect this lower-tier ThinkCentre Advantage to charge $549 while it reaches the usa in May well, which might squeeze the item into some more IT prices. Continue reading Lenovo moves out extra-compact ThinkCentre Border 62z all-in-one intended for $549

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Samsung Series 9 now with a matt Full HD Display

The Samsung Series 9 laptop was two years ago, a nondescript Ultrabook from plastic and has in the last year developed into THE Apple Macbook Air killer, how many users and even Apple employees have me already confirmed, as it in me with the beautiful device Apple Store have seen work.

The thin metal design, very thin screen frame and light weight with good 7 hours WiFi battery life is simply outstanding. Previously, you could buy the 13.3-inch model, but only with a 1600 × 900 pixel resolution, at the Apple competitor is only 1440 × Pxeil 900th But now Samsung has now also a matte 1920 x 1080 pixel display is available as an option. It remains 1.16 kg easy and you can choose between Intel Core i5 and i7 processor and 4GB of RAM and up to 512GB SSD. As interfaces, a USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, SD card reader, and network availability. Continue reading Samsung Series 9 now with a matt Full HD Display

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MiiPC: The PC living room for the whole family

On Kickstarter, projects requesting funding Internet abound. Today, the project MiiPC of interest. This small PC that runs on Android does indeed go further in parental control by enabling parents to manage their child’s activity on the web.

PC looks like a small box that plugs directly to a screen. Once done, the children can use apps to do everything they do on a PC with the only difference that parents are aware of everything. Through an application, they can see what their child will even be able to close the remote application.

The project has already exceeded its fundraising goal on Kickstarter, while the countdown is far from over. A project that will delight parents wanting fliquer monitor the activities of their children on the family computer. Continue reading MiiPC: The PC living room for the whole family

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