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Internet Explorer 11 arrives on Windows 7

Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft has announced the availability of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7. Thus, those who have not taken the step of Windows 8, using Microsoft’s browser will use its latest version. Continue reading Internet Explorer 11 arrives on Windows 7

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GamePop console Android to plays games iOS apps on the TV!

GamePop console Android
Android consoles are all the rage, but Gamepop Bluestack could pull ahead of the game with an amazing feature. Indeed, the creators of the machine announced she would be able to play iOS games. Continue reading GamePop console Android to plays games iOS apps on the TV!

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Search App google Now integration under iOS now with Google

With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google introduced the personal assistant Google Now. This is chosen with Android users rather and informs for example about train departure times or the trip duration until home with the car. Long became gerätselt whether the Google Now comes also on iOS, yesterday afternoon was it then surprisingly so far. Google missed the search App under iOS an update and integrated directly Google Now. It also iOS user can remind one now of impending appointments, flights or a reservation.

How also can under Android Google Now process also language petition under iOS, ask can so that one for example “customs I this weekend an umbrella”? or “who plays in Oblivion with?”. In the attitudes, one yet can select moreover, which information one would like to have represented everyone. These are designated as a “cards”, that one can push like under Android very simply also again away. The search App for iOS is naturally as always free, you find it in Apples App Store. A video of Google Now for iOS gives it in the connection. Continue reading Search App google Now integration under iOS now with Google

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Skype with regard to Windows 8 performance improvements

The update’s available skype in Windows 8 Store, so what are you waiting for It’s been a few months since the last update, and this revision brings more features to the table, including contact blocking and a slew of performance tweaks. Those of you using Skype in Windows 8 will be happy to know that Microsoft’s just bumped the app to version 1.6. You’re now able to block users, with an option to remove or report the offending party.

Speed and reliability have been improved, especially when loading contacts, and a number of bugs have been fixed, including one where the outgoing video was not always displayed after switching cameras. Continue reading Skype with regard to Windows 8 performance improvements

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Windows 9 come out in November 2014

Win8China (cache) which is specialized in the rumor around os Microsoft Announces into a source of “insider” that Windows 9 will be released in November 2014, with a beta phase would begin in January 2014.

These statements should be taken with a grain of salt even bigger than usual since the article was removed from.

Windows is in any case more present: MSFTKitchen had found on 13 March a job offer from Microsoft Windows stating 9, and incidentally Windows Phone 9.

If Windows 9 is talked about, we are still waiting for official news from Blue Windows, which will be an updated Windows 8 distinct Windows 9. Continue reading Windows 9 come out in November 2014

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Smartphones running Tizen will produce as Fujitsu and NEC

Tizen Association earlier this month showed its smartphone OS – Tizen (Taizo). The first smartphone running this operating system is likely to release a Samsung, its appearance is expected at the end of this year and is rumored to be similar to apparta Galaxy S III.

One of the main challenges for the partners, promoting a new Tizen OS for smartphones, is to enlist the support of other manufacturers of smart phones. Samsung already has experience with the smartphones based on the alternative operating system Bada. We can not say that the OS was very popular, however, and in the absence of demand model line Wave blame can not be (perhaps this contributed quite a stylish look and the metal frame of the device, especially superimposed over featureless line Galaxy S). Continue reading Smartphones running Tizen will produce as Fujitsu and NEC

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Chrome for Android update brings with background audio is

Chrome for Android is now a fairly popular and frequently used browser on Android, this is probably not a little because he’s Android 4 pre-installed. Google equipped the browser always new features and now he has already arrived at version number 25. The update brings improved scrolling in addition, a higher reaction rate in zooming and various other adjustments finally Hinte basic audio with it.

What this means in the rough? If now in Chrome somewhere a stream of music has open you can easily have other things to do with the device, without the stream is interrupted. If a new call arrives, the play is also interrupted anyway. Continue reading Chrome for Android update brings with background audio is

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Adobe Photoshop Touch for Smartphones and Tablets (Download)

Adobe Photoshop Smartphones
After a long wait Adobe has released Photoshop app for smartphones. Photoshop Touch is available for iPhone and Android-based devices.

The program offers nearly the same image editing tools, and a version that focused on tablets. Photoshop Touch is Google Play and the App Store. You can download the application by paying a 4.99 dollar. Photoshop Touch has adopted the best features of Photoshop, including layers, settings and filters. But there is also the original instruments that are only available for that version. Continue reading Adobe Photoshop Touch for Smartphones and Tablets (Download)

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Texas Instruments brings the calculator the iPad (video)

Texas Instruments
News for Business Calculator by Texas Instruments we have long been a very personal matter, not just since you can do other amazing things with the little boxes, not just colorful. TI-Nspire has just been released for the iPad, but – for whatever reason – initially only in Australia. Count remains numeracy, logo, but would be a little interaction not just the right thing? Boom. TI has at the start.

30 Australian dollars are due several versions, depending on the curriculum, are also available. Since we lack a look if iTunes account for down under the video after the jump twice as much. Continue reading Texas Instruments brings the calculator the iPad (video)

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Android update 4.2.2 before version 5.0

Google could offer by the end of February an update of its mobile operating system Android Jelly Bean version 4.2.2 to fix some bugs.

If the latest rumors point to a presentation of the Key Lime Pie version 5.0 of Android in the month of May at the Google I / O, it is expected still to a change in the current version 4.2 Jelly Bean OS mobile giant’s Web by then. Released in November 2012, it is currently proposed in the numbers 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 therefore happen.

According to the International Business Time, the release of Android 4.2.2 could come by the end of February, Google employees equipped smartphones and tablets Nexus (Nexus 4, Nexus 7, 10 Nexus, Galaxy Nexus, etc..) is already testing this new version. Continue reading Android update 4.2.2 before version 5.0

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Bitkom survey published on app downloads

The representative survey result to download 83% of all German smartphone owners Apps, ie approximately 21 million people. 45% of all smartphone users get only free apps on their phones, 38% are willing to pay for apps and 17% are satisfied with the pre-installed programs. Only 5%, however, regularly buy apps, the other 33% only sometimes give money on them.

Bitkom also asked how much money would spend the regular app for buyers. Thus, on average just 21 € per year migrate from the pockets of users in the various app stores. Continue reading Bitkom survey published on app downloads

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iOS Google Capture can now also 1080P Video Files under Version 1.1

Google has released the first update to their Youtube Capture app today. Here you can finally not only transmit at 720p but 1080p videos directly on the server. It is still needed, the one holding the recording device with iOS in the past to accommodate. But there is now also possible to improve the sound synchronization. Also, the upload speed will have improved.

Otherwise, there is unfortunately no information on when it also follows a new version for Android and what Google has been corrected in detail. But as long as everything goes smoothly with Google Youtube capture, we must simply continue to keep always on it on the happening of the camera. Continue reading iOS Google Capture can now also 1080P Video Files under Version 1.1

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Nvidia GeForce Experience goes into Open Beta

At CES 2013 was officially unveiled the new feature and now everyone can join in the open beta of the Nvidia GeForce Experience. The program allows players now at display resolutions up to 2560 x 1440 pixels and various Intel processors get their new graphics cards to find the best settings for 21 straight games.

These different configurations are tried directly from Nvidia and the good results stored in the cloud. This is no small job, and as a participant you can certainly make yourself even experiences. We are curious, especially if in fact games like Far Cry 3, Left 4 Dead, Hitman Absolution or Hawken start faster and look better. Continue reading Nvidia GeForce Experience goes into Open Beta

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