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Sony Playstation 4

All Sony Playstation game players and fans are so exclamation and waiting for PS4. There are Rumours and gosips About Some playstation 4 release date.
For years there is to WAR Between Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation named: Console Wars. As we know Microsoft Works on new Xbox at the other side is working on sony playstation 4 too. There are rumors sourced sony playstation 4 release date About 2012 points.
Its interesting to see Sony adds body movement controls to Playstation 4 as core features. We know these controls as Microsoft Xbox Continue reading Sony Playstation 4

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Xbox 360 arrival of Orange TV with Kinect

April 17, Orange TV will be available on the Microsoft console and change channels can be done by voice or gestures. Explanations.
The application “Orange TV” will be available April 17th on Xbox 360 via Xbox Live and can answer some voice commands and gestural system Kinect. Nothing complicated, though. To start the TV, it suffices to say “Xbox, Orange TV” and then saying “Next” or specify the channel number to switch from one channel to another.
For his arrival on the console, Orange has however provided a program guide to allow the user to navigate, and the ability to program alerts to know when a particular program starts and a parental lock so as to prevent the fall of smaller programs which they would not be used. It is even possible to watch TV while chatant with his contacts.
Only constraint to access this Orange TV on the Xbox 360 have an Xbox LIVE Gold.
Finally, note that the Microsoft console will be distributed in 34 shops in the Orange network of shops and a Special expects the new subscribers. Indeed, until June 6, those who subscribe for the operator to supply LiveBox Zen or LiveBox Star with Orange TV will be eligible for a refund voucher of 119 euros on account of the purchase pack Xbox 360 4GB with Kinect and Xbox LIVE Gold included for 3 months.

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Max Payne The most badass cop of the world belongs to iPad

A beautiful autumn day in New York, the birds are singing, the rain falls, Max is a cop normal, linking the arrests of juvenile offenders and aligning badly parked cars. Unfortunately, and unlike the rest of his colleagues for whom the future will continue to consist of donuts in the break room and beatings of demonstrators, the daily Max will be turned upside down: it was brutally killed his wife and baby. Like that for nothing. Nobody knows why, and the worst may be that everyone who cares.
Max Payne is a puzzle game that revolves around the legitimacy of justice and its ability to act, you éplucherez the criminal and civil codes for hours before finding a flaw in the procedures and … no kidding, max is not happy, he takes his shotgun, it activates the bullet-time and he does everything blow up. If you played the game there are about ten years, you know it’s a must-have title on PC, like many games of Rockstar Game. But unlike the GTA who can tire of them by more than one open side, Max Payne is one of the first titles that literally caught thousands of players through a narrative with onions.
It is linear, but follow Max in his madness, level after level, was ten years ago an amazing experience for the player I was. And these gunfights! Max Payne is the first to have given the game a cinematic adding this control of time when the situation degenerated, allowing you to chain kills with more ease while flattering your peepers. So when someone offers me to play again on iPad and for only 2 € 39, the PC player in me shouts “Heretic! You need a keyboard! “But oh well, too bad, the nostalgia has already clicked” Buy “.

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Activision Blizzard attacked for patent infringement

Activision Blizzard attacked for patent infringement, Worlds Inc. in August 2000 filed a patent on the interaction between players in a virtual world. Having obtained this patent exclusivity in 2007, World Inc. Activision Blizzard now attack for patent infringement, specifically addressing the games World of Warcraft and Call of Duty.
This patent, very vague, was allegedly raped by, among other things, these two games that use virtual worlds. Blur, the patent is only a vague idea for a project that would be the basis for many multiplayer virtual worlds. Judge for yourself the content of the patent of World inc.
The present invention provides a highly scalable architecture for a system of virtual world interactive three-dimensional graphical, multi-user. In a preferred embodiment, a plurality of users interact in space three dimensional graphic, computer generated, where each user executes a client process to view a virtual world from the perspective of the user. The virtual world shows avatars representing the other users who are neighbors of the user who watches the virtual world. For this to be updated to reflect the movements of the avatars of remote users, information is transmitted to a central server process which provides positions updates to client processes for neighbors of the user. The client process also uses an environment database to determine which background objects to draw and to limit the movements of the avatar of the user.
The fact is that virtual worlds multiplayer does not exist until 2000, and many virtual worlds have emerged prior to the filing of this patent. World Inc.. Nc Soft had already attacked in 2008 for his play City of Heroes, a settlement was then found.
One can then wonder whether World Inc. may attack all games offering multiplayer virtual worlds, in this case, there would be money to be made. But one wonders especially the legitimacy of such a patent. Many games already using multiplayer worlds before the filing of the patent have never filed, saying surely the idea is too generic to be attarder.Comme this is usually done in the world of high-tech, a regulation to amicably will surely be found

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The Wii would U $ 180 under hood, and its price will probably not below $ 300 Rumor

As we are now approaching E3, rumors related to the U Wii are likely to increase further. Moreover we have a very fresh for you this morning: Electronic components and parts that will equip the next Nintendo Wii will cost U of no less than $ 180, including about $ 50 just for its control buttons and touch screen . According to some sources online, after adding the cost of labor, the costs associated with marketing and others, we can expect to see land a machine that will cost at least $ 300 retail price.

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ArmA III a new teaser

It’s been a moment that there had been no news of ArmA III. For we have not forgotten and to show us that the work progresses, Bohemia Interactive has put online a short teaser on this third installment of the super demanding military simulation.
If the video does not teach anything aside from the graphic demonstration of the new coating of the latter, more information should be received for April 19 very precisely.

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Video game Raccoon City the history of the Resident Evil saga

Video game Raccoon City the dark side For the first time in the history of the Resident Evil saga, Operation Raccoon City does not offer the player to play as a hero seeking to shed light on a bizarre conspiracy that caused the appearance of mutants and zombies. It’s quite the opposite: embodying a member of a commando hired by the sinister Umbrella Corporation, will have to clean it to remove all traces of the involvement of the multinational in the “events” of Raccoon City.
This is 1998. The town of Raccoon City has been completely sealed off by the army after being contaminated by a deadly virus from a laboratory of Umbrella Corporation, which transforms the inhabitants into undead. With three teammates, the player will have the difficult task of removing documents and embarrassing witnesses, while the city is swarming with monsters and soldiers. Added to a strange mercenary named Nicholai, who seems to him, moving with no particular problem in the city
Operation Raccoon City has little in common with the first episodes of the saga, taking place yet in the same places. Away from both the oppressive survival horror first Resident Evil, this is not a result-oriented action-horror, as were episodes 4 and 5. Capcom is the title of a shooter team, much closer to a Left 4 Dead and its predecessors of the license Resident Evil.

Unfortunately, the comparison is not in favor of Operation Raccoon City. Chopped a rhythm, a lack of variety in the construction of levels and enemies too stereotypical make the title much less dynamic than Left 4 Dead. Despite the player the choice between six different characters to play, building and many unlockable weapons, levels follow each other without variety, served by a realization without fulfillment – Xbox 360, the game suffers from occasional slowdowns.

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Forza Motorsport 4

Top Xbox 360 Games of 2011, 2012 by New-Digial-Gadgets.Com Forza Motorsport 4 is a racing video game developed by Turn 10 Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360. It is the fourth game in the Forza Motorsport series, and is set to be released in North America on 11 October, 2011, in Europe on 14 October and the rest of the world on October 20. Forza Motorsport 4 is a innovatory new way to experience hundreds of the world’s most exciting cars. I have many expectations from this game and i can’t wait to play this.
It’ll be interesting to see how Forza 4 will stack up against Gran Turismo 5, Continue reading Forza Motorsport 4

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The New Nintendo Wii-U for 2012

The New Nintendo Wii-U for 2012 is getting some good backup from third-party game Nintendo sudden surprise E3 game exhibition in celebration, in the United States (U.S.), by presenting a new generation of game console, named Wii U. but Nintendo Wii U blends between conventional game console with portable gaming consoles. Yes, Wii is more similar to the U as a successor to the Nintendo DS. Moreover, Nintendo Wii U, comes with a 6.7 inch screen concept. developers such as SEGA, TECMO, and THQ. Continue reading The New Nintendo Wii-U for 2012

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The New Wii Fit

New Wii Fit Balance Board Video games aren’t new, but Wii Fit is certainly the most technically advanced one yet. I have a Wii console, because I have always loved the nintendo games, but the Wii took creativity to a new level. Although the graphics are not as good as a XBox or PS3, the fun of the play is still there. Continue reading The New Wii Fit

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New Xbox 360 Hard drive 250GB

New Xbox 360 250GB Microsoft’s special edition Xbox 360 250GB Kinect package has been given the official nod, with the company promising to deliver the bundle – that pairs the larger-capacity 360 console and their motion-gaming add-on – on November 4th 2010. Priced at $399.99, the Xbox 360 250GB with Kinect box will also include a copy of “Kinect Adventures Featuring a 250 GB built-in hard drive Continue reading New Xbox 360 Hard drive 250GB

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The New Sony PlayStation 3 Slim

The new Sony PlayStation 3 Slim officially unveiled by Sony, its 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter and consumes 34 percent less energy than the previous Sony PlayStation 3 Slim, PlayStation3 Slim comes with 120 GB HDD for for just 29,800 Yen or about $299 USD, it seems the slim one will be a pure gaming and entertainment machine, yeah we can still play all playstation3 games, watching blu-ray movies but unfortunately Sony revealed that there’s no PS2 backwards compatibility and not support the installation of third party OS like Linux Sony PlayStation 3 Slim by Sony.

The good: More affordable $299 price; slimmer, more compact design with quieter operation; all games in high-definition; easy-to-use interface; doubles as a Blu-ray and upscaling DVD player; built-in Wi-Fi; 120GB hard drive; HDMI output with 1080p support; no external power supply; built-in Web browser; free online gaming service.

The bad: Lacks backward support for PS2 games; no infrared port means non-Bluetooth universal remotes aren’t compatible; online gaming, media, and commerce options still aren’t as fully developed as Xbox Live, though they’re getting better. Continue reading The New Sony PlayStation 3 Slim

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