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CES 2014: Samsung launches 85 insh Ultra HD

Little surprise in the genre, Samsung has unsheathed relatively quickly since its margin of 110 “UltraHD and 105” 21/9 UltraHD curved, the Korean brand has benefited from the show in Las Vegas to present its flat screen 85 “bendable UltraHD ! Continue reading CES 2014: Samsung launches 85 insh Ultra HD

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Flexible and foldable screens become common in 2014

Finally, the flexible and foldable screens could be generalized more quickly than expected . In any case think that Kim Yun- hee professor at the renowned South Korean Gyeongsang University , interviewed by the Korea Herald.

According to her , the connected objects with truly flexible displays , or folding , or ” roll-up ” fairly widely available in 2014. This would enable the next generation of Google Galaxy Glass and Gear adopt such screens .

Remarks inspired by the discovery of new organic polymers, which would circumvent the limitations of existing technologies. Barriers also mentioned by Samsung in early November.

These new materials offer much more flexibility than current screens on which you just get “force until a curvature ” quips the teacher. That’s the stuff of dreams , but it will still see how the technology will be exploited by manufacturers

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Sony 4K player launches by July 15th

Sony’s 4K player launches by July 15th, Video Unlimited 4K service coming this fall, Sony announced its FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD Media Player a few months ago, and today confirmed it’s arriving in homes and on store shelves by July 15th. The $699 box only works with Sony own 4K TVs, and early adopting owners of “qualifying” X900A sets can expect a $200 introductory discount.
Continue reading Sony 4K player launches by July 15th

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Cox flareWatch beta brings IPTV with 60 HD channels, $35

While everyone tries to figure out what the future of TV looks like, Variety reports Cox Cable has crossed over to offering internet TV service to customers in Orange County. flareWatch beta testers can buy a Fanhattan Fan TV set-top box for $99 (up to three per household) and sign up for a TV package that features 90 live TV channels (60 in HD) and includes the usual favorites like ESPN / ESPN2, AMC, CNN, Nickelodeon and TNT, with video on-demand coming soon. DVR recordings take place in the cloud, with 30 hours of storage available for each subscriber. Continue reading Cox flareWatch beta brings IPTV with 60 HD channels, $35

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LG brings cloud gaming to Smart TVs in the US

LG brings Ubitus’ GameNow cloud gaming to SmartTVs, is more serious about new TV gaming than many of its rivals, and it’s proving that today by rolling out Ubitus’ GameNow service to Smart TVs in the United States of America. Continue reading LG brings cloud gaming to Smart TVs in the US

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GamePop console Android to plays games iOS apps on the TV!

GamePop console Android
Android consoles are all the rage, but Gamepop Bluestack could pull ahead of the game with an amazing feature. Indeed, the creators of the machine announced she would be able to play iOS games. Continue reading GamePop console Android to plays games iOS apps on the TV!

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Dell S2240T touch screen 21.5-inch full HD

Dell S2240T
Dell may have already a 23-inch multi-touch screen, but if you’re looking for something a little smaller and more cost-effective, then we have nice thing about it for you. The company informed us regarding its new style named “S2240T, inch a 21. 5-inch touch monitor while using the same 1, 920 back button 1, 080 image resolution as its more substantial sibling. Continue reading Dell S2240T touch screen 21.5-inch full HD

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LG Smart TV MT93 staff brings practical functions to 27 inches

TVs are getting bigger and unfortunately, in the big cities and the prices of the apartments. One can accordingly not be divided quite as much space for the telly, above all when the youth of today anyway look almost more Youtube content, such as television. Students also tend to have not only no room for 40 inches and up, but above all no money for the large format.

Accordingly, LG wants a new audience envisage a personal Smart TV, which is only 27 inches tall and still possesses all the functions that we know of the larger models. The LG MT93 has a Full HD resolution, IPS / 3D, 250 nits brightness, and not only supports WiDi, but also Miracast. 2x 7 Watt speakers are integrated and 2x HDMI (MHL Ready), Compsite, Component, three USB ports, and LAN. Magic Remote, USB QuickView, WOL ², 2D to 3D conversion and 3D glasses are also distributed 2EA. Continue reading LG Smart TV MT93 staff brings practical functions to 27 inches

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LG Cinema beam, the laser projector 100 inches, on sale in Korea

LG Cinema laser 100 inches in Korea
It was one of the most talked chimes of CES 2013: LG presented Hecto, allowing a laser projector display images at 1080p on a 100-inch screen at a distance of just 52 centimeters. Well, we learned that the Koreans have renamed the team as Beam Cinema TV (Hecto truth is that we sounded great) and is available in her native Korea at a price of 9,000,000 won (about 8322 euros dólares/6.289 ). The team promises a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and can accept or Miracast WiDi video, so you can do streaming from a mobile or PC.

The manufacturer claims that his team is also very respectful of the environment has a manufacturing job in which mercury has been omitted, as well as high product life. Continue reading LG Cinema beam, the laser projector 100 inches, on sale in Korea

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Samsung will demonstrate at MWC new services for TV

Samsung MWC TV
Apparently, the information that Samsung is not an example of participation in the annual exhibition MWC 2013, was false. On the eve of the launch event in Barcelona, ​​it was announced that Samsung is going to show the world their latest achievements in the field of television.

Representatives of the company Samsung reported that MWC 2013 the company will demonstrate its new service TV Discovery, which greatly simplifies the search process by integrating and relaying real-time information about the programs from a variety of sources, including services VoD (video on demand), traditional television or online services such as YouTube. Continue reading Samsung will demonstrate at MWC new services for TV

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LG invested 490 million euros in OLED HDTV production

LG OLED HDTVs are still far from having entered the mainstream to be. Now, however, the Korean electronics giant LG is planning to invest nearly 490 million euros in new production facilities in Paju / South Korea. This is the OLED technology to be groomed for mass production. Currently, 55-inch OLED HDTV cost more than 10,000 euros. That is unlikely to change in the near future hopefully. For even if Apple’s Tim Cook thinks nothing of OLED. We believe in it. Read the PM after the break.

LG Display Announces Investment in New 8th generation OLED TV panel line

Seoul, Korea (February 18, 2013) – LG Display [NYSE: LPL, KRX: 034220], a leading innovator of display technology, announced today that it has decided to invest KRW 706 billion in a new 8th generation OLED TV panel manufacturing line 2.200 × 2.500 , to be installed at its P9 plans in Paju, South Korea. Continue reading LG invested 490 million euros in OLED HDTV production

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Monitor AOC e2462Vwh aimed at gamers

Monitor AOC e2462Vwh
For gamers oriented monitor e2462Vwh, presented by AOC. The device is built on the basis of a TN LCD panel resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is equal to 23.6 inches diagonally.

The panel is equipped with LED-backlit, pixel response time is characterized by 2 ms, thereby ensuring a clear image even in the most dynamic of today’s games and movies.

The maximum brightness declared at 250 cd / m², the static contrast ratio – 1000:1. The monitor is equipped with HDMI and D-Sub. Continue reading Monitor AOC e2462Vwh aimed at gamers

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Japan will move to 4K-TV in the next year

Japan – a country of high technology. The fact that Russia is just starting to emerge and costs a fortune, it is already mainstream. Here we take, for example, the television: we even have cable TV is not everywhere, but the Japanese were spit from digital television. Give them now channels in ultra-high resolution, that is 4K. And after they get their! Literally the next year of the rising sun will move to 4K-Live!

According to official data, the introduction of 4K-TV will be launched in the first half of next year to get done in this area as long as possible before July, because this month kicks off the World Cup, which Brazil will host. Japanese broadcaster will have to work closely with manufacturers of televisions, so they have released a sufficient number of devices at a reasonable price. Now, we observe the world market 4K-TV is in its infancy, Continue reading Japan will move to 4K-TV in the next year

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