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Amazon is developing its own smartphone

The world’s largest online shop Amazon, selling virtually all categories of goods, works out its own Android-smartphone, according to news agency Bloomberg, citing two anonymous sources. The company already has its own mobile devices – e-book Amazon Kindle, and Tablet PC on the Android, Amazon Kindle Fire.

Retail price of a tablet for a few dollars less than its cost, but the profit of the company, he regularly brings, through the sale of content to users. When developing a smartphone Amazon expects to use the same business model, and thus not only express themselves in the smartphone market and increase profits, but also to raise the sales of books, movies and music from an online store. Representatives of the companies are refusing to comment. According to Bloomberg, Amazon is actively buying up patents in wireless communications technologies, as well as negotiating with the Taiwanese company Foxconn, a manufacturer of electronics. Obviously, it will be a Foxconn manufacturer of novelty. Technical characteristics of potential smartphone and at least the approximate time to market sources told Bloomberg did not.

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Glass for all the Google in 2014

Sergey Brin announced yesterday in an interview that Google’s Glass should be available to all in 2014. As a reminder, Explorer Editions version for developers and that still costs 1,500$ for its part will be available early 2013. Brin also benefited from Google I / O to reveal a pair of sunglasses is also equipped with Google Glass!

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HTC withdraws from the Brazilian market

HTC withdraws from the Brazilian market, A spokesperson for the Taiwanese company HTC confirms date information disclosed by the Brazilian daily examination namely, the end of commercialization of terminals in Brazil.

A decision that comes as the Brazilian market is a key goal for the entire industry: with 8.9 million smartphones sold in 2011, Brazil continued to rise and analysts estimate that by 2016 the country could be expected to become the fourth world market, ahead of the United Kingdom.

The HTC One will not be launched in the country and several hundred jobs will be eliminated in the Brazilian territory. The company will retain an entity in place to ensure the terminal support already on the market.

Therefore justified decision for the brand whose market share has never really stick out on the land: 0.11%.

It should also be noted that the manufacturer has recently decided to cease production of terminals “low cost”, the input terminals of range of the manufacturer is still inaccessible for the Brazilian market.

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Assange be extradited to Sweden

The verdict is, Assange, founder of Wikileaks, will be extradited to Sweden where he is accused of sexually assaulting two young women, aggression he has always denied. Five of the seven judges of the High Court of Justice UK have indeed given the green light for the extradition.
On probation and house arrest for two years, Assange had already appealed in February 2011 for the same judgment. This time, all cards are exhausted English to avoid extradition, and his only recourse is the European Court of Human Rights.
Assange was arrested in 2010 for sexual assaults, shortly after the release of thousands of confidential diplomatic cables from the white house. This very short period of time between the two cases is an argument for the proponents of conspiracy theories. If Assange is repatriated to Sweden, he might fear extradition to the United States where it may very big.

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Nokia patent war joins in the festivities

Nokia has filed several complaints for patent infringement against RIM, HTC and Viewsonic for not less than 45 of its patents.
Initially, the first Finnish filed a complaint with the U.S. ITC – International Trade Commission, against HTC. This was followed by a second complaint in Germany this time against Viewsonic, RIM and HTC, which again seems decidedly in the sights of Nokia.

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Microsoft Windows Phone to the sentence, the Xbox in fall

Microsoft has just released its figures for the third fiscal quarter. And the numbers are quite good. Redmond says in effect that its revenue is up 6% to 17.41 billion dollars and recording a profit of 5.11 billion. Well beyond the 17.18 billion expected by the market.
This is the pro division that allows such an increase. The business division sign up in revenues of 9% to $ 5.81 billion, and the Windows division represents $ 4.62 billion profit.
Still, the entertainment division is struggling in this fiscal year for Microsoft. Indeed, with the Xbox 360 sales rising to 1.4 million consoles sold against 2.7 million last year at this time (although the 360 is the console that sells the best), Microsoft posted a 16% drop in its entertainment sector. The fault also Windows phones that are struggling to impose.
A drop logic. The slowdown in the Xbox 360 is quite normal. The console nearing the end of life attracted more consumers now expect the next generation. Especially to two months of E3 where Redmond could introduce its new console (which would still be amazing). In addition, Windows phones are handicapped by the upcoming release of Windows 8, while Redmond is not clear on the fact of compatibility with Win 7 WP 8. Microsoft is therefore within the scope of consumer expectations about new products of the firm, and the results of next year with the same period could well be very different.

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Free Mobile three months after

Little over three months that Free Mobile was launched! The arrival of the fourth operator in France has been most noticeable, it has some cards and redistribute it to react the other market players. “The Effect Free Mobile” as some of its competitors are having fun to say, and seems to be getting back to normal was engaged a few weeks ago. The verbal jousting calmed down until the next stunt the troublemaker of the phone …
Three months is a little, but it still allows one to see how little Free Mobile is doing and communicates. The operator who is far from having spent three months alone, has also announced its network stabilization and gradual improvement of the service for many customers.
Free Mobile, according to latest estimates, count 3 million customers, have you been? If you are a customer from the start, have you noticed an improvement? Did you encounter any concerns? Are you already gone? With whom? Are you a new subscriber? Why? Finally, what do you think of Free Mobile?

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Microsoft fixes a critical flaw in Office of the Patch Tuesday for April

Of the eleven security vulnerabilities addressed by the updates from Microsoft in April, one is already being exploited by hackers via Office documents trapped.
Microsoft yesterday released its own set of security patches as part of its monthly updates for its Patch Tuesday of April. On the menu, six security bulletins that fix vulnerabilities including eleven in Windows, Office and Internet Explorer. Two bulletins are classified as major and four others as critical.
Of these, the bulletin MS12-027 is the most important because it corrects a flaw exploited by hackers. It concerns an ActiveX control present in all 32-bit versions of Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 and in SQL Server. Office documents using trapped, hackers can take control of a PC.
Microsoft has not revealed the beginning of the attacks or their magnitude. The series of update also includes a security bulletin which is also valid for the Consumer Preview of Windows 8.

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The co-founder of Google is already the Glass Project

The Glass Project is a futuristic concept of glasses that allows to do everything a smartphone already, but directly in front of your eyes. This concept straight out of a sci-fi film and developed by Google, promises to give its wearer a HUD (Head up display) continuously to indicate the close friends, the city map, useful information, how ammunition and he still lives, to help him in his everyday life. A revolutionary concept that could however be very intrusive.
These glasses, still in prototype stage, were spotted yesterday on the nose of Sergey Brin, Google co-founder at a charity dinner in San Francisco. The podcaster Robert Scoble and photographer Thomas Hawk have the opportunity to post the images on Google +. The story does not say whether Brin himself has taken pictures with his new glasses.

This confirms the reality of Google’s Glass Project, which was still eager to learn in life everyday.

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New Cars electrical energy NRG to bring 200

The New Cars electrical energy NRG to bring 200 fast charging EV stations to the Golden State, pump $100 million into CA infrastructure Way back, before NRG was DeLoreans electrical or construction of solar power plants, he co owns a slew of electrical installations in California with Dynegy held an energy that is taken in a dispute over some long-term contracts the old state energy. Story short, this legal dispute has become problem NRG in 2008, after acquiring majority shareholder of Dynegy in partnership a problem, he finally resolved by peppering California with 200 EV fast charging stations. Regulation 120 million promises to create jobs, invest in the economy of the state and provide vocational training for maintenance of stations and installation teams.

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Japan quake affect Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson authorized as a result of the devastating earthquake that I knew Japan and waves ,Tidal waves that followed the tsunami, will be affected and is monitoring the situation at the moment,In the country and make sure that the safety of workers is the most important … Continue reading Japan quake affect Sony Ericsson

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