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Microsoft fixes a critical flaw in Office of the Patch Tuesday for April

Of the eleven security vulnerabilities addressed by the updates from Microsoft in April, one is already being exploited by hackers via Office documents trapped.
Microsoft yesterday released its own set of security patches as part of its monthly updates for its Patch Tuesday of April. On the menu, six security bulletins that fix vulnerabilities including eleven in Windows, Office and Internet Explorer. Two bulletins are classified as major and four others as critical.
Of these, the bulletin MS12-027 is the most important because it corrects a flaw exploited by hackers. It concerns an ActiveX control present in all 32-bit versions of Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 and in SQL Server. Office documents using trapped, hackers can take control of a PC.
Microsoft has not revealed the beginning of the attacks or their magnitude. The series of update also includes a security bulletin which is also valid for the Consumer Preview of Windows 8.

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Orange signs for 100 Renault Twizy

Orange signs for 100 Renault Twizy, We tested for you in February of the Twizy Renault at a very nice session on the circuit of French society. At once attracted by the concept but also booked on a real use of this electric car for an individual (the price turns around 6000 euros), we considered it more as a utility vehicle business that seems to share a vision Orange.
Indeed, the group has signed an order for 100 electric vehicles for Renault Twizy to supplement its fleet of company vehicles. The Twizy is equipped with a better engine 20Chevaux (80 Km / h), it will serve mainly to travel between different sites of the group and will thus be made ​​available to employees for this purpose.
Orange is the first French company to have chosen the small car manufacturer for its fleet of company vehicles. During our ownership, we could discuss with an employee of community also seduced by the concept.
So I bet that the Twizy meet with a success both on the professional market as individuals, the power is still a market conducive to risk taking and innovation.

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Aspirin, a new hope against cancer

Aspirin, a new hope against cancer, Should we all take aspirin to prevent cancer? The question arises again after the release, Wednesday, March 21, the site of the British medical weekly The Lancet, three new studies, conducted by the team of Professor Peter Rothwell. They show that a daily aspirin reduces mortality and the risk of metastases.
Founder of the Research Unit on the prevention of stroke at the University of Oxford, Peter Rothwell calls for caution, however: it is too early to conclude that everyone would clearly benefit of such prophylaxis. Who joined the notice, unanimous, and other specialists.
British researchers have collected data from tests originally designed to assess the benefits on the cardiovascular system, a continuous shooting aspirin. This method, if it has the advantage of allowing easy access to data of tens of thousands of individuals, does not have the same guarantees that a study specifically designed to assess the benefits of a drug vis- -vis the cancer.
In a previous study, published in December 2010, Mr. Rothwell and colleagues had shown a reduction of about 20% lower risk of cancer deaths among 25,000 participants treated daily for four years with a low dose (75 mg) aspirin. It reached 30% to 40% after five years of this treatment.
The three new studies confirm the reduction of deaths and the risk of malignancies. They also show a decreased risk of metastatic cancer. The benefits are particularly evident in adenocarcinomas, the most common tumors.
The first study includes the results of 51 trials where participants were divided, randomly, in a group with a group without aspirin or aspirin. Cancer risk decreased by 15% on aspirin. The reduction reached 37% with once daily for five years or more. The benefit is already evident after three years of treatment: the effect is reduced by about one quarter. “It’s huge,” admits Anne-Odile Hueber, National Institute of Health and Medical Research (University of Nice), colorectal cancer specialist.
The second study showed a 31% reduction in risk of adenocarcinoma metastases already at diagnosis and 55% of subsequent development of metastases. In the case of colorectal cancer, the risk of subsequent metastasis is even reduced by 74%.
The daily aspirin is also associated with a decrease in cancer deaths among people who developed adenocarcinoma, particularly in the absence of metastases at diagnosis (50% reduction). “These results provide the first evidence in humans that aspirin prevents distant metastases of cancers,” rejoice authors of three studies.
The third study is the reduced risk of colorectal cancer around 40%.
In a commentary accompanying the Lancet three studies, two Harvard doctors welcome these results “compelling”, but stressed the problem of the inherent risk of bleeding effects of aspirin, which thins the blood.
A disadvantage which tempers the benefits of this medication. The team of Peter Rothwell has been found that the risk of bleeding increases in the early trials, although it decreases with time and disappear after three years of treatment.
“No one will venture to recommend solely on the basis of these studies the daily aspirin in cancer prevention,” say in chorus Anne-Odile Hueber, Fabio Calvo, director of research at the National Cancer Institute (INCA ), and Dominique Maranichi, former president of INCA.
“To know who and what age to give aspirin or by preventing the occurrence of cancer, either to prevent a recurrence or metastases, it is essential to mount a specific clinical trial of great magnitude. It is for public agencies such as the INCA and its counterparts in other countries to develop, “said Calvo.
“Elucidate the molecular mechanisms”
Researchers must work in two directions, according to Ms. Hueber: “The first is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms explaining the effect of aspirin on tumor cells and the initial stages of cancer development. The second is to developing hybrid aspirin, which would retain the benefits in cancer prevention, without side effects. ”
Another point remains unclear. “We do not know why it does not work with an aspirin every other day,” says Calvo. Peter Rothwell would not be surprised that “the effects of treatment taken on alternate days, absent in the short term, will reveal if followed over the long term.” His team is awaiting publication next year, results of a large trial of aspirin in cardiovascular prevention, the Women’s Health Study, in determining that question.

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Nike FuelBand, open to developers API

We had already talked about the Nike FuelBand at the end of last year, this bracelet very particular, able to monitor and record the movements of the user and to transfer real-time data to an iPhone, via a dedicated application rubber. Nike has apparently decided that it was better to open the beta version of its NikeFuel API for developers, because it could simply accelerate the manner in which applications will be developed if fans of the aircraft involved in this project. And this is the first time that Nike is doing something of the sort. Keep in mind that the API is only available for developers who participated in the hackathon at SXSWi 2012 in Austin, Texas however.

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The co-founder of Google is already the Glass Project

The Glass Project is a futuristic concept of glasses that allows to do everything a smartphone already, but directly in front of your eyes. This concept straight out of a sci-fi film and developed by Google, promises to give its wearer a HUD (Head up display) continuously to indicate the close friends, the city map, useful information, how ammunition and he still lives, to help him in his everyday life. A revolutionary concept that could however be very intrusive.
These glasses, still in prototype stage, were spotted yesterday on the nose of Sergey Brin, Google co-founder at a charity dinner in San Francisco. The podcaster Robert Scoble and photographer Thomas Hawk have the opportunity to post the images on Google +. The story does not say whether Brin himself has taken pictures with his new glasses.

This confirms the reality of Google’s Glass Project, which was still eager to learn in life everyday.

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New Gadget The USB cup warmer

The USB cup warmer Tired of drinking your coffee cold? Too lazy to leave your computer to go to the microwave? Dare usb heated flat
The flat heater increases to 40-70 ° (adjustable via a knob on the side), and small detail that kills, it also offers two USB ports on the side

The USB heated flat is proposed at $ 21

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New Cars electrical energy NRG to bring 200

The New Cars electrical energy NRG to bring 200 fast charging EV stations to the Golden State, pump $100 million into CA infrastructure Way back, before NRG was DeLoreans electrical or construction of solar power plants, he co owns a slew of electrical installations in California with Dynegy held an energy that is taken in a dispute over some long-term contracts the old state energy. Story short, this legal dispute has become problem NRG in 2008, after acquiring majority shareholder of Dynegy in partnership a problem, he finally resolved by peppering California with 200 EV fast charging stations. Regulation 120 million promises to create jobs, invest in the economy of the state and provide vocational training for maintenance of stations and installation teams.

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The New House And Kitchen Appliances

The New Household appliances for Your kitchen appliances in your house make up the one of the largest investments for your pocket, as well as your time, which equates to functionality for your lifestyle in the kitchen house gadgets. Buying kitchen appliances can be a daunting task when you look at all of the options, from energy saving, it’s for evry one, to high end designer models, to low cost models, how do you choose? Here are tips to guide your through the buying process and to help you feel informed and confident with your kitchen appliance buying decisions. home gadgets by Continue reading The New House And Kitchen Appliances

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Japan quake affect Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson authorized as a result of the devastating earthquake that I knew Japan and waves ,Tidal waves that followed the tsunami, will be affected and is monitoring the situation at the moment,In the country and make sure that the safety of workers is the most important … Continue reading Japan quake affect Sony Ericsson

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