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Root Robot: learn to program for small and large

To Day when almost everything is governed by lines of computer code, more and more people are interested in programming. Many start-ups are therefore looking for innovative solutions to accelerate the learning process. This week it is the turn of the little robot Root to make talk about him.
Continue reading Root Robot: learn to program for small and large

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Amazon Echo will tell you flick times and NFL scores

Amazon Echo Gadgets
Amazon keeps creating its Echo speaker higher and higher. The device, battery-powered by the retailer’s Alexa voice recognition technology, is currently obtaining Associate in Nursing update that permits it to relinquish additional information concerning movies, like that area unit enjoying at theaters close to you and once, further as alternative sensible details. Your solely job is to mention audio commands like “Alexa, what action movies area unit enjoying Fri night?” or “Alexa, tell ME additional concerning Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Continue reading Amazon Echo will tell you flick times and NFL scores

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Autonomous car testing on open roads in France from next year

Autonomous car
Autonomous vehicles will finally be tested on open roads, starting next year. The government will indeed take measures to allow testing.

The decision was taken last week at a meeting of the “steering committee autonomous car” (it is not known if there is a pun intended) which Arnaud Montebourg and Carlos Ghosn (CEO of Renault) participate . A call for proposals will be launched jointly, notably to develop technologies related to vehicles. Continue reading Autonomous car testing on open roads in France from next year

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Moss – The Modular Robotics Toy for everyone

Eric Schweikardt loves Legos—and Erector sets, and creating his own Capsela machinations, too. “The great thing about construction kits is that they abstract something away to make it easier for kids to build cool stuff,” says Schweikardt, CEO and design director of Modular Robotics. Continue reading Moss – The Modular Robotics Toy for everyone

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FlyKly: electric bicycle in the rear with GPS Monitoring

FlyKly electric bicycle GPS
FlyKly developed a best-seller on Kickstarter. The idea is simple. An electric bicycle, which consists of only one rear wheel. This can be integrated into any standard bicycle, creating 25 km / h and 50 miles on a charge. Continue reading FlyKly: electric bicycle in the rear with GPS Monitoring

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The fastest supercomputer in the world is now Chinese

It is called Tianhe-2 or milky-2, it is Chinese and is located in the “University of Defense Technology.” He was named the fastest supercomputer in the world by the “Top 500”, a ranking of supercomputers established collectively by the Universities of Mannheim in Germany, Knoxville, Tennessee, and the Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States. Continue reading The fastest supercomputer in the world is now Chinese

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B go beyond: a hybrid between the remote and the car quadricopter

B gobeyond
We talked last week of the last advertising campaign for RA. Parrot AR.Drone 2.0. Here is a new product that could compete with it because it is a hybrid quadricopter / car all terrain remote attent patiently for his patent.

Devised by engineer and designer Don Vitenzo (his real name Witold Mielniczek) and proposed on Kickstarter, this vehicle whose wheels of 220 mm in diameter do not bow to off (as we might think) may at any off time (without special processing) to pass an obstacle through four propellers located at the center thereof. Next resistance, B has been designed to last through its wheels and flexible and its polycarbonate body propellers. Continue reading B go beyond: a hybrid between the remote and the car quadricopter

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BionicOpter dragonfly drone flutters in relation, blows minds

Today the company has created BionicOpter. The 17.3-inch long dragonfly drone can flutter through the air in any direction, and even hover, the same as its organic inspiration. Their four carbon fibre and foil wings overcome around 20 times per-second, propelling it through the air as if it were swimming rather than flying.

Really piloting the robo-bug is accomplished through a smartphone app, but an on-board ARM-based microcontroller makes small changes to make certain stability throughout flight. There are always a several crucial bits of data we do not have only yet.

For one, it’s not clear the length of time the two-cell lithium ion battery will last, and pricing or availability are missing from the brochure (at the source link). Odds are though, you’ll never have the ability to manage one any way. Thankfully you can at the very least see that marvel of design doing his thing after the break.

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Completely new Soyuz course cuts travel time for you to ISS by two nights to six hours

Typically, a trip from Earth to the ISS takes about 2 days. a Soyuz pills docked with the orbiting clinical after less than six hours of airline flight time, setting a list. Accelerating the actual trip wasn’t a concern of more modern technology or higher powerful engines, necessarily, however of much better math in addition to planning. The Russian vehicle primarily took the shortcut which required exactly timed steering over the course of four orbits, putting a few crew associates (including just one American astronaut) on the space station at 10: 28pm ET – just five hours and 45 minutes following takeoff from Kazakhstan.

Russian engineers are actually looking at methods to trim more hours off the actual trip, by slicing two far more orbits through the route. Obviously the actual human shipment appreciates wasting less time in the cramped quarters in the Soyuz. But getting equipment in addition to materials regarding experiments to the ISS quicker must also yield better plus much more reliable technological results. Only a few clips connected with liftoff along with the docking itself browse the NASA link inside source. Continue reading Completely new Soyuz course cuts travel time for you to ISS by two nights to six hours

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Toyota i-Road, a curious electric tricycle leaning like a motorcycle

Toyota i-Road motorcycle
Every year around this time the major automakers agree to make us dream cities straight out of the dreams of Syd Mead and other visionaries. The Geneva Motor Show gives us a good look at the cars of the future sometimes more imaginary than real, but in the case of i-Road Toyota, seems a little more than vaguely feasible.

This kind of three-wheeled electric scooter and two seats will get a bit of a tangent to what is usually expected in a motor show, which does not mean that meaningless, given the interest that are awakening these vehicles of urban. Conceived as a possible rival for the Nissan Land Glider, the i-Road (can we please establish a moratorium on the indiscriminate use of the prefix letter i?) Has two 2kW electric motors installed inside the front wheels, whose inclination intelligently regulated using gyroscopes. Continue reading Toyota i-Road, a curious electric tricycle leaning like a motorcycle

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Italian receive prosthetic hand to touch

hand to touch
In recent years has made the art of prosthetics incredible success, people without limbs are artificial arms and legs, which somehow reduce their dependence on the people around them. However, the new project promises opportunities, which have not been before, a young Italian woman soon receive prosthetic hand, he will return it to feel.

As reported, the operation will be done in Rome, the recipient serves Italian at the age of 20 years. Electronic prosthesis is connected directly to the patient’s nerves, this interface provides two-way communication. On the one hand, the woman will be able to control his hand, as if she was not electronic, but a real, flesh and blood. Continue reading Italian receive prosthetic hand to touch

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Humans and robots have found a common language

They say that robots will replace the man in this century. In fact, it’s a lie. Robots are already successfully replace human in many areas, undertaken either by the dirty work, or routine – related to the calculation, the amount of which does not fit into the human head. There are many ways to develop robotics, but only one is seen by us in glowing terms: joint peace work robots and humans.

Many people are going through, rise ever robots in “Terminator” and the little short film «R’ha», created by a young but very talented student. Massachusetts Institute of Technology or zoom – which way you look – this day, trying to teach people and robots to work together. Continue reading Humans and robots have found a common language

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Rex: bioelectronic man of the future

Rex bioelectronic man of the future
Bioelectronic million dollar man named Rex (Rex) has demonstrated scientific advances in reproduction of human body parts. The debut show of technological miracle took place on Tuesday at London’s Science Museum (Science Museum).

Rex has artificial limbs, organs and other body parts. Through his veins flows synthetic blood, and his face he looks like Berthold Maier (Bertolt Meyer), Swiss psychologist with bionic prosthetic arm that participated in this project. Skull biorobot created using 3D-printing.

In the absence of digestive Rex can not eat. Biorobot can see and talk to the primitive level of a person. However, the rational being can not say that – think Rex can not. Continue reading Rex: bioelectronic man of the future

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