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Who will be responsible for the accident vehicles without drivers?

Not long ago, we discussed the recent enough topic unmanned vehicles. It is believed that it was on this basis tehnogigant Google overtake Apple in capital terms. But with the development of self-propelled vehicles is born a new fundamental question: who will be responsible for road accidents?

Last year in Arizona sparked a very heated debate among lawyers about the self-moving vehicles. Who is to blame and what to do?

When there is no driver to answer these questions is difficult, and claims can grow in an exponential manner. Lee said the company that developed the technology? Google, for example. The owner of the car? The passenger, who took control of the transport? The plant, built the car Continue reading Who will be responsible for the accident vehicles without drivers?

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Mcor promises to show full-color 3D-printer at the show SolidWorks World 2013

Mcor promises to show full-color 3D-printer at the show SolidWorks World 2013
Dense flow of news from CES 2013 creates a false impression that other news ceased. In fact, the light has not converged wedge at the Consumer Electronics Show. This is evidenced by at least a message of Mcor Technologies, has promised to show for the first time a new product is not at CES, and the other event, which will be held January 20-23, in Orlando. It is a show SolidWorks World, and shows there is a new 3D-printer Mcor IRIS.

The main advantages Mcor IRIS manufacturer allocates impressive features color “printing.” Unlike printers typically create three-dimensional objects of the same color which specifies the consumable item Mcor IRIS printer can reproduce more than a million shades. Continue reading Mcor promises to show full-color 3D-printer at the show SolidWorks World 2013

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iRobot has introduced a new robot vacuum cleaner for swimming pools

iRobot has introduced a new robot
iRobot has received an international reputation for robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba, Looj Gutter Cleaners and machine for cleaning floors Scooba. Recently, the company announced a new robot for cleaning swimming pools – Mirra 530.

Mirra 530 is designed for use in underground basins. The robot dispenses with hoses and booster pumps. Furthermore, it is independent of the pool filtration system, which saves electricity.

Once in the water, Mirra 530 evaluates the status and parameters of the pool, chooses the most efficient cleaning cycle and only then gets to work. Continue reading iRobot has introduced a new robot vacuum cleaner for swimming pools

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Flying drone Secom: invisible guardian of order

Flying drone Secom
Currently, modern cameras have too many flaws. For example, the so-called “dead zones” that the camera can not capture the shooting scene. Secom Company has developed a flying drone dosed with cameras, which will be the perfect guard.

Police did not miss a fly past him. It is noteworthy that the new product by the laser sensor can track moving objects, while not forgetting the distance, unnoticed. Continue reading Flying drone Secom: invisible guardian of order

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Japanese nuclear power legged robot Toshiba Quadruped

Toshiba has introduced a four-legged robot that will guard the crash Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant (Fukushima Daiichi). Quadruped completed miniature wheeled robot for inspection of hard to reach places.

The robot is able to walk up the steps, moving cross-country and cross through the objects lying on the floor. Quadruped is moving at a speed of 1 km / h Each of the robots equipped with cameras and radiation dosimetry. Both support a wireless connection. Continue reading Japanese nuclear power legged robot Toshiba Quadruped

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We test AdvoCam-FD4 Profi-GPS: Full HD-recorder with GPS-module

Today we continue the theme Window Washer. These devices are now used by great popularity in Russia, they are sold out literally as hot cakes. Given the high demand, the manufacturers are trying to please the customers and produce devices for every taste – expensive and cheap, functional and not. Recently came across on the model AdvoCam-FD4 Profi-GPS. We have tested it and are willing to share their experiences.

Opening the box with AdvoCam-FD4 Profi-GPS, we find myself DVR, the suction cup mount on the windshield of a car, a microSD memory card of 4 GB, cable HDMI, cable USB-AV, cigarette lighter charger Continue reading We test AdvoCam-FD4 Profi-GPS: Full HD-recorder with GPS-module

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Ingress and became Niantic

Yesterday, we told you about Project Niantic, mysterious Google project. The Mountain View company has organized a vast virtual treasure hunt which we do not know the purpose. New product? Google OS for Glass? None of it. Ingress is simply involved collaborative manner Alt Minds.

The game will face collaborative two factions, which will have different views on a new electromagnetic force called “The Force.” You can then choose to enter the ‘Resistance’, or in the camp of “Clairvoyants” to take part in the game Once done, you need to use the “real life” to help your faction. Continue reading Ingress and became Niantic

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TechJet Dragonfly – perfect spy

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Institute of Technology) have created a robotic dragonfly that is placed in the palm. As befits a winged insect, dragonfly easily can fly and hover in the air. Scope of the robot – aerial photography, games and espionage. USAF allocated to finance the project $ 1 million.

The researchers chose a dragonfly for its predatory behavior. Fast flying insect has a high maneuverability and good vision in one word – perfect scout. So on the idea of ​​creators and must be TechJet Dragonfly. Continue reading TechJet Dragonfly – perfect spy

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Smart roads will be safer than cars

We used to believe that traffic safety is limited only by such an unreliable vehicle, like a car, but the Dutch design team believes that the road is no less active role. Therefore, it offers a number of interesting ideas that should provide more security while driving.

Glowing Lines concept draws inspiration from the “cat’s eye”, which are often used in the equipment of European roads, but instead of glass beads that reflect headlights at night, to use luminescent paint, glow, which is continuing for ten hours. Continue reading Smart roads will be safer than cars

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3M and Roku released Pocket Projector

3M Company and Roku jointly released a portable device that has been called Streaming Projector. Having dimensions 4.3 x 4.2 x 2.0 inches, the pocket projector fits in the palm. The device is able to project a 120-inch image at WVGA resolution on almost any surface.

The brightness of the projector lamp is 60 lumens. Battery charging enough almost 3 hours of continuous operation, which is more than enough to watch an American blockbuster. Built-in speaker is complemented by a 3.5-mm jack for headphones. Continue reading 3M and Roku released Pocket Projector

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AT&T will connect to the wireless network bikes

The telecommunications company AT&T together with the organization equips Social Bicycles rental bikes built GPS-navigators with a connection to the wireless network AT&T. It is done to secure the two-wheeler theft or parking in the wrong place.

In addition, smartphone users will be able to use a special application to find nearby parking, order and unlock rental bikes. Two-wheeled vehicle designed for urban walking.

Application can be used to calculate the number of calories burned, money saved, and viewing statistics to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
Continue reading AT&T will connect to the wireless network bikes

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WINE : The Robot winemaker !

WINE for Viticulture is a small natural intelligent robot 50cm high developed by the company in Burgundy Wall-Ye, a French company, which allows to cut about 600 vines per day!

This robot has two arms winemaker, four wheels, six cameras and a GPS which allows to identify, but also to collect data on the health of the vines and soil. WINE is not the size, it can also be suckering or cleaning the floor at the foot of the vines. Continue reading WINE : The Robot winemaker !

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PNY Opener Attache : USB flash drive

PNY Technologies when the company released a flash drive, combined with a whistle, some readers said that would have been more popular “flash drive” with the opener for beer. Somehow, the thought came to the manufacturer, and today directory unusual USB-drive model has expanded Opener Attaché.

The device is enclosed in a rugged stainless steel housing. The hook, used to bottle openers, you can also hang a bunch of keys or a trailer with it “flash drive” on a backpack. Continue reading PNY Opener Attache : USB flash drive

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