CES 2014: Nano-one PC with AMD Mullins

CES 2014Nano-one PC with AMD Mullins
How about having a PC the size of an envelope on your desk? This is the promise made by AMD at CES 2014 which outlined a prototype of Nano -PC – which has no official name – built around its latest APU called ” Mullins ,” which we do not know the frequencies, but burned 28nm .

The thing is hardly larger than a shell and little thicker than a tablet. Yet AMD promises performance up to 250 % higher than the Intel Atom Bay Trail on some tests, including 3D . It is for example possible to play games like Fifa 14 Full HD .

CES 2014 Nano-one PC with AMD Mullins

We do not know the amount of RAM in the machine ( probably between 2 and 8 GB), but it has a 256GB SSD and supports Wi -Fi N and Bluetooth 4.0. A camera is also provided. It has only one outlet, for connecting ” CPU ” to a sort of hub offering USB and HDMI .

The unit is inaudible because the heat is dissipated passively . Too bad it only as a prototype for most of feasibility proof and will probably not marketed in the state.

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