Garmin announced the Fenix ​​watches for extreme and tourists

Market GPS-devices greatly reduced due to the dominance of smartphones and tablets, but it still exists, because these devices can be replaced, not all GPS-devices, and this is an obvious fact. For example, many tourists and extreme often require multi-functional, but the compact gadget, which for safety in bad weather and other negative externalities can not worry. Communicators and the plates are out of work, but the GPS-clock, on the contrary, are ideal. The company Garmin, a leader in navigation devices, is proud to watch Fenix ​​with integrated GPS-receiver and other goodies.

Garmin developed Fenix, enlisting the help of professional climbers. With them she has created a watch with a built-in altimeter, barometer and even a compass. With such a wonderful device must be a complete failure to get lost in unfamiliar terrain. Together with several sensors, these features give the owner information on hours of altitude, heading, and the upcoming changes in the weather. Watch Garmin Fenix ​​useful as climbers and mountain travelers, and lovers of extreme sports, one way or another related to wildlife, will find use for them. Watch case has a higher strength, the glass protecting the display, is not subject to scratches.

Design hours Fenix ​​from Garmin sports, but without the bells and whistles, that is, you can use them almost every day for its intended purpose. GPS-sensor is also plays an important role – he is responsible for all built-in calibration sensors that independently adjusts the time. To watch, you can connect also external temperature sensor for determining the temperature of the air. In all of this clock can be used under water. MobileDevice also reports that the LCD screen clock Garmin Fenix ​​has a LED backlight. However, it is worth all this fun is quite expensive around U.S. 450 $, but it’s really worth. Price additional temperature sensor 30 $.

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