Google will sell the Nexus 7 at a loss

By releasing their own product line Nexus, Google has never sought to make a profit. This was the case with smartphones (Nexus, Nexus S), so it is now with the new Tablet PC Google Nexus 7. But do not make a profit in the case of the tablet, as it turns out – this is a very optimistic outlook.

Recent research experts from TechInsights allow to say that Nexus 7 Tablet PC, Google will sell at a loss. The cost of all components of a mobile PC, a total of about 184 $, or 15 $ below the price of a model with eight gigabytes of internal memory. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account that certain costs incurred by Google in the packaging, technical support, advertising and distributing their product. Plus, remember, buyers Nexus 7 get a gift voucher for 25 $ for purchases at the online store applications, Google Play. However, despite the fact that sales of its own tablet Google will not bring profit, the company will try to sell the largest possible number of models in order to simply increase the number of users operating system Android.

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