HTC withdraws from the Brazilian market

HTC withdraws from the Brazilian market, A spokesperson for the Taiwanese company HTC confirms date information disclosed by the Brazilian daily examination namely, the end of commercialization of terminals in Brazil.

A decision that comes as the Brazilian market is a key goal for the entire industry: with 8.9 million smartphones sold in 2011, Brazil continued to rise and analysts estimate that by 2016 the country could be expected to become the fourth world market, ahead of the United Kingdom.

The HTC One will not be launched in the country and several hundred jobs will be eliminated in the Brazilian territory. The company will retain an entity in place to ensure the terminal support already on the market.

Therefore justified decision for the brand whose market share has never really stick out on the land: 0.11%.

It should also be noted that the manufacturer has recently decided to cease production of terminals “low cost”, the input terminals of range of the manufacturer is still inaccessible for the Brazilian market.

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