I50S from MobileCinema portable projector, AITPEK For iPhone 4/4S

February 20, 2013, the company AITPEK, a Taiwanese manufacturer of compact video cameras, media and Pico-projectors, is a compact projector for iPhone – MobileCinema i50S.

The device is mounted on the iPhone 4/4S, as if this is an additional cover or external case. I50S provides a luminous flux MobileCinema 40 lumens and able to create image projection up to 150 cm. The built-in battery in the model 1850 mAh battery capacity can be used to recharge the iPhone.

Projector setup is simple – just connect the iPhone as an iPod docking stations, and begin to project photographs, videos and other media content to any suitable surface, e.g. on a white wall. Compact device provides a DLP chip, used in full-sized videoproektorah and saturated colors, high clarity and contrast (1000: 1) of the displayed image.

I50S Mobile Cinema Aiptek

In i50S are energy saving RGB MobileCinema-LEDs, which reaches 20000 hours. Thus, on a full battery charge projector is able to work up to 3:0.

The cost of this product from Aiptek is 11 999 Br


Optical technology Digital light processing (DLP), 0.3 inches
Light source Led the primary colors (red, green, blue)
The lifespan of LEDs up to 20000 hours
Contrast ratio 1000: 1
Resolution 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)
Aspect ratio 4: 3
Projection size (diagonal) 15.2 ~ 152.4 cm (6 ~ 60 inch)
Projection distance 20 ~ 200 cm (8 ~ 80 cm)
35 lumens ANSI brightness
Sources of projected images of iPhone 4, iPhone 4S (30-pin connector)
Micro USB connectors 2-in-1: data transfer, charging
Power supply: External 5 v, 0.5 a (DC)
Battery type: Built-in, 1850 mAh lithium-polymer, rechargeable

Battery operating time
Projection mode: 120 min.
IPhone charging mode: 60%

Power consumption
Projection mode: 4.5 Watts
IPhone charging mode: 5 W

Characteristics of the device:

Body colour Black
Dimensions of 125 mm x 67 mm x 20 mm (Lxwxh)
Weight 100 g

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