Ikelite manufacturers underwater housing for the camera Canon EOS 6D

Ikelite camera Canon EOS 6D
Company Ikelite, specializing in the production of underwater housing, presented the model with part number # 6871.06 designed for SLR Camera Canon EOS 6D.

Dimensions of the product shown in the illustrations are 250 x 175 x 185 mm. When the mass of 2.5 kg (without bracket and handle) the box has a transparent polycarbonate in fresh water slightly negative buoyancy. It enables the camera to dive depth of 60 m.

Ikelite the camera Canon EOS 6D

The user can manipulate the camera controls without taking your hands off the handles attached to the box with the bracket. Before transporting the bracket with handles can be removed.

The connection flashes Ikelite DS Substrobe supports TTL (need an optional cable). You can connect compatible flash units produce Nikonos, Sea & Sea and Inon. In this case, use TTL metering will not work, only available manual.
Retail price is $ 1600 box. Port for the optional lens.

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