Instagram gets 20 June, a video function

Since the huge success of Vine, which is Twitter has pulled ahead of the official launch under the nail, it is clear that short video content on the Internet are very important. Instagram is so very good photos, but the new owners seem (namely Facebook) also plan a video function for the photo network.

On 20 June, namely to hold a press event where actually an RSS reader to be shown on Facebook. According to recent rumors, there are 20 June, however, to see an Instagram with which you can also share short movies.

Such innuendo and conjecture there were ever three weeks ago, since such a function has been tested namely internally. How to know you here on Instagram is not “just happen” to share videos, but will also be able to apply various filters. The videos will be probably 5 to 10 seconds, it could also be that there will be a separate app for that. On Thursday, we certainly know more about it, because then Facebook is known to the press what they have fancy new in the pipeline.

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