iOS 7 Apple – our wishlist

For a few weeks we can enjoy the software iOS 6 on iGadżetach. But Apple accustomed us to share the new version of the iUrządzeń at about a year. Perhaps soon the network will appear first rumors about iOS 7, and the system will be officially unveiled certainty in June at WWDC, and put in the form of an upgrade in the autumn of 2013. We do not know at the moment what exactly Apple is preparing designed for this version of the software, but its proposals are five features that we’d seen in the new iOS. Here they are!

Support user accounts
Let’s face it, but the iPad is indeed designed for a single user, but uses iOS tablet every day with us a few people in the house, right? Everyone, of course, want to have a personalized environment that no one breaches. Unfortunately, while Android users have received such a function with a designated number on the system update 4.2, so fans still have to wait iGadżetów. We hope that Apple has also added a similar solution is in iOS 7!

Automatic updating application

In iOS 6 The company from Cupertino (at last!) Removed the requirement to enter a strange password for your Apple ID when upgrading the application, as well as the acquisition of free programs. To be completely happy but still far away. Android users can once again boast a solution that does not exist in iOS. Namely the automatic updating of applications downloaded from the Android Market store, where we express consent to this time. We also expect a similar solution in the App Store.

Widgets on the lock screen

We can not lock the screen in iGadżetach specifically personalized. In fact, we are doomed to the functions that are built into the system, or control music playback and receive notifications badges. Certainly could have done something more, right? The best solution here seems to be able to add functionality to a widget, as well as on Windows Phone 8 for smartphones. Whether we will see a similar function on the lock screen in iOS 7? It remains only to believe it!

Change the default application

Let’s face it, but it puts Apple above all for their own solutions. Hyperlinks open in Safari, and the music in the Music application. Too bad, because often replace the default iOS programs from others, their own choices. However, there is an option to make these applications to open their data content rather than those from Apple. Who knows, maybe the Cupertino company with iOS 7 in the end will allow us to make such choices …?

File Manager

One possibility, which certainly very lacking in iGadżetach is transparent access to data stored in memory. Access to their own files only get them a dedicated application. The iOS is missing so the appropriate file manager that would allow us easy access to access all the data on the memory of the tablet, and then allow them to modify or delete them. The file manager is therefore our final proposal designed iOS 7th

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