iPhone 5 : decorating at Yerba Buena Center shows elongated Apps

In just three days, Apple will hold this year’s iPhone event in Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. The erwartungserweckende invitation with the slogan “It’s almost here” and the number five in the shade zusehende are considered strong evidence for the presentation of the iPhone 5 There have been some speculation that the significance of the number in the invitation and now new evidence in the decoration of the venue have surfaced that drive again the rumors of a larger iPhone display.

The colorful background is appropriate for some days at the front entrance of the Yerba Buena Center and apparently contained the colored stripes, a reference to the new iPhone. It has been discovered that the different stripes represent some iOS icons, drawn sharply in the length. Then, of course, the speculation about the significance of these symbols started and it could well be that this is an indirect indication of a larger display when iPhone 5. A long screen with a diagonal of 4 inches is for some time in the room and is now regarded as confirmed. The various media have confirmed the existence of such a warning already and naturally incites the assumptions further.

To seeing are probably six different app icons, have been identified so far four of them. The Game Center, Music, Safari and iTunes icon. The remaining strips could not be clearly assigned and may also show a new application. The company from Cupertino keeps succeeding with small details, the rumor mill continues to drive and surprise. On 12 September Apple will unveil the secret, and it remains to be seen whether the speculation will prove in advance.

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