iPhone 5S: The fingerprint sensor in the home button

The iPhone 5S may not be limited to some improvements in performance. The next generation-yet-through of Apple’s smartphone should integrate technology was not expected before the iPhone 6, but the competition grows stronger: it is the fingerprint recognition.

Apple acquired last year specialist AuthenTec biometrics, and to believe a rumor published on the site TechNews Taiwan, the first fruits of this acquisition may well appear from the next iPhone. This technology would allow for example to pass the lock code, or to authorize online transactions. It would then become much more difficult, if not impossible, to impersonate an iPhone user.

Apple has decided to integrate this technology into the home of a smartphone button. A choice that makes sense, but will require transforming the famous button touch area – which would avoid him passage to the soul after a few years, as the current “mechanical” button. And that’s not all: to prevent scratches and protect the biometric sensor, Cupertino could use a coating sapphire crystal, one as strong as diamond material. It is already present on the iPhone 5 today, where he keeps warm the rear camera sensor unit.

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