Italian receive prosthetic hand to touch

hand to touch
In recent years has made the art of prosthetics incredible success, people without limbs are artificial arms and legs, which somehow reduce their dependence on the people around them. However, the new project promises opportunities, which have not been before, a young Italian woman soon receive prosthetic hand, he will return it to feel.

As reported, the operation will be done in Rome, the recipient serves Italian at the age of 20 years. Electronic prosthesis is connected directly to the patient’s nerves, this interface provides two-way communication. On the one hand, the woman will be able to control his hand, as if she was not electronic, but a real, flesh and blood. On the other hand, are located on the surface of the sensors send signals to nerve endings, thus repeating the function of touch.
An important aspect is the adaptation to the peculiarities of electronic limb. If its implantation requires major surgery, the prosthesis is not removable. The body’s reaction to such a lasting impact inorganic body is unpredictable, and it is a very individual aspect.

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