JamStik – miniature MIDI-guitar, compatible with iPad

JamStik - miniature MIDI-guitar, compatible with iPad
Source found at CES 2013 a very interesting product, which allows the message diluted series of news updates on the computer. It is a miniature MIDI controller in the form of a guitar, created by specialists Zivix.

With this device you can learn and improve skills of playing the guitar using a PC or tablet. Controller is connected to the computer by WiFi. In this case, the delay by the manufacturer, do not exceed 10 ms.

Compared with this tool JamStik much smaller, but this device is capable of much. For example, using an infrared sensor, it detects the frequency vibrato (“tightening” strings).

For devices with iOS requires an application that is compatible with CoreMIDI, eg GarageBand or Animoog. The manufacturer plans to include in the package tutorial JamTutor, game JamHero (by type of Guitar Hero and Rock Band) and the software mixer Jam Live. The exhibition was shown a prototype device with a wired connection.

JamStik start selling this summer at a price of $ 249-299.

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