Japanese gadgets for lazy people

The Japanese are the leaders in the creation of high-tech devices. However, often the local producers to market a very funny thing. And now we will focus on the trash and brush … on the remote control.

These gadgets company released Kyosho. They are not as complex and “advanced” as robots Roomba or Wall-E, but clearly fit lazy people who are looking for something unusual for little money. By and large base of new products in one. Different device only housing – thus as a brush or trash can. So throw out the stub or clean the floor dust can not get up from the couch. Japanese advertise their creations bright and noisy. However, it is they can do.

When writing this text reminded clip, popular in the past. This X-Press 2 David Byrne, and the song is called Lazy. Are we waiting for is the future?
Returning to New Kyosho should be noted that their price is very attractive. The cost is $ 21.

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