Japanese nuclear power legged robot Toshiba Quadruped

Toshiba has introduced a four-legged robot that will guard the crash Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant (Fukushima Daiichi). Quadruped completed miniature wheeled robot for inspection of hard to reach places.

The robot is able to walk up the steps, moving cross-country and cross through the objects lying on the floor. Quadruped is moving at a speed of 1 km / h Each of the robots equipped with cameras and radiation dosimetry. Both support a wireless connection.

Senior robot weighs 65 kg and his height – 106 cm The battery lasts for 2 hours of work. The one on the smaller works on one charge no more than an hour, and his weight – 2 kg.

Later, Toshiba plans to protect robots from radiation, water, and work out a model of their behavior in different situations.

– By : ND-Gadgets: http://www.new-digital-gadgets.com/

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