John Romero presents his dark shooter SF: BlackRoom

Black Room
The famous creator of majestic hair teaser this project last week; the thing is made official today: it is called Blackroom and its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was launched.
The co-founder of id Software and its studio, Night Work Games, hope to raise 700,000 dollars to complete the development of the shooter. Blackroom be located its action in the near future, which, as usual, will bring its share of drama (here with a holographic simulation technology gone wrong).

Blackroom will have a long solo campaign ten hours but also multiplayer modes (co-op battles to death, arenas, etc.). Romero promises that he wants to return to a violent and fast experience, which is about the speech of all the old glories that have developed FPS before the 2000s – see Cliff Bleszinski and Lawbreakers.
It is clear we also that the game would open to modders and players that will have dedicated servers. For the rest, it will be good nervous fight, with evasions and rocket jump. Output is expected in the winter of 2018 on PC and Mac.

Black Room sf

If you want to participate in the campaign and support Romero, you have 32 days before you, and it goes to that address.

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