MacBook Air comes with retina display, possibly in the third quarter

MacBook Air
Since the publishing of the 15-inch MacBook Pro with retina display there are always rumors about when because finally the MacBook Air also a retina display receives. After the 13-inch already has gotten with the retina display MacBook Pro now some time ago is so slow even the air in the series. Now, there are new rumors that the chic notebook should receive a corresponding update in the third quarter.

This refers to 11 and the 13-inch model. You should also switch then platform from Apple on the Intel HASWELL, so that the notebooks at the same time get more power to fuel the display at all. Also, a lot has happened in battery cell technology the MacBook in the past because of the good battery life was known as the retina display probably requires a lot more power.

Also the price for the MacBook Air is not much increase, so that Apple probably still also has to offer the version with normal display.

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