Mad Catz Project M.O.J.O: a console based Android Tegra 4

Mad Catz Project MOJO
Tegra products under four began their onslaught on the market. After the announcements of major manufacturers such as HP and Asus, are smaller manufacturers who engage in adventure Tegra 4. Mad Catz has a lot of experience in “serious games” has unveiled Mad Catz Project MOJO, bracket Android.

In the era of Android consoles, OUYA the Gamestick the GamePop … have not marked the spirits. Despite aggressive pricing and positioning very interesting, none of these consoles has yet managed to become the “market benchmark”. There is therefore still a stab. Today, we have not been able to extract from this teaser … except the architecture of the console: NVIDIA Tegra 4. One of the strengths of Mad Catz is of course accessories. Mice, joysticks, headsets … Mad Catz is a specialist accessory. This MOJO can therefore enjoy the whole experience.

Of course, the MOJO Project will be unveiled with great fanfare at E3.

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