Snatch an alumininum Sony DSLR Camera, quadruples the price

Sony DSLR Camera
The new dslr camera by Sony and, Do you like your Sony A99 full-framed DSLR Cameras, but find it’s just not… aluminum-y enough? For an extra $8,700 (or $11,500 in total), you can score a Hasselblad HV remake with a Carl Zeiss 24-70mm F2.8 lens instead. That’ll get you a “much tougher” machined, high-grade aluminum body instead of the original’s garden-variety magnesium. It also benefits from something called “physical vapor deposition hardening,” comes in a “high performance” case and, well, that’s about it. You’ll otherwise be taking the same (best) snaps as Joe Sixpack with his regular A99, thanks to the original camera’s 24.3-mp sensor and 25,600 max ISO. Still, what the deuce, Jarvis, fetch my checkbook.

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