Microsoft you leave if you don’t use Windows 10 in your future PC

Microsoft you leave if you don't use Windows 10 in your future PC
If you are of those who are reluctant to upgrade to Windows 10, we have a very bad news for you: at the time that you change your PC, you are obligated to use it if you want to continue to receive support. What you read. Microsoft has revealed that from now on new processors from AMD, Intel and Qualcomm will require the latest version of Windows to receive attention on the part of the house. It is not the only surprise that has been given to us by the Redmond, since those who are currently using the platform Skylake have also been what is theirs.

In this way, many of whom have a processor of this generation – Microsoft has prepared a list of specific chip to be published shortly – and are using Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 you need to know that with effect from 17 July 2017 shall cease to enjoy equally of any type of assistance – with the exception of certain critical patches that do not jeopardize the performance of the equipment.

What chases Microsoft with this measurement? Since a major integration between Windows and the last available hardware, since many teams will receive new services of the system in the future. It is not the only reason, skylight. With this step, he makes sure that the companies should be updated to its dear version of Windows, since many remain suspended in previous deliveries. Do you see the decision justifiable?

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