Minix HD Mini PC is a small desktop PC offered for just $ 120

Minix HD Mini PC
Minix HD Mini PC is a small desktop PC with a price tag of around 120 million, For those wishing to purchase an inexpensive desktop computer and the Internet for work may well come up model Minix Mini HD PC, announced a few weeks ago, but released only today. PC has a very compact size and the x86 architecture, that is no ARM and other intricacies here.

Computer Minix Mini HD PC is based on the processor Intel Atom D2550, which clarifies MobileDevice, originally designed for desktop PCs. It has integrated graphics and memory controller, the amount of which is not specified. We know that the motherboard has two slots for it, so an upgrade is possible. The structure of Minix Mini HD PC includes Gigabit LAN, four USB-ports, HDMI, VGA, and even two PS / 2 ports, if they have someone else use it.

The basis of a computer is the motherboard mini-ITX, and is powered by a small electronics power supply. According to some reports, the desktop comes with no memory at all, and it does not exactly have a hard disk. This is the reason for the low prices Minix Mini HD PC, which is only 120 U.S. dollars. Under drives, there are two SATA-connectors, as well as a slot PCI-E x1. system block sizes were 193h185h61 millimeter, that is, he really tiny. For work and old toys it is more than enough, so you can not spend money on a full-system unit and to purchase only the storage memory and the required volume.

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