Mobile Ubuntu: new leader in the market

Canonical announces Ubuntu for smartphones
As expected, the company has officially announced the Canonical Ubuntu operating system for smartphones. Ubuntu mobile platform is a typical representative of a class of free software based on the Linux kernel, and existing drivers. It does not use a virtual machine Java. , Canonical also announced that Ubuntu Mobile Platform supports the ARM architecture and x86.

Ubuntu platform will be the basis for budget smartphones, and for models higher price segment. A major strength of the mobile OS Ubuntu is multitasking. The user interface has several features that distinguish among mobile Ubuntu OS Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Is to provide special gestures that play a role in navigation. Users can easily manage the four sides of the screen, switching between applications.

Is to provide a sidebar application that pops up when you touch the left side of the screen. Swipe left to right to view displays a list of all installed applications. Swipe right to left users return to the previous open application, thus obtaining access to multiple applications simultaneously. Another key feature is the simplified customization, allowing you to configure the OS completely under.

It is also worth noting the global search across all applications and content. Something similar had previously been in the operating system webOS. The company also notes Canonical native support for voice commands that will work not only in the operating system itself, but also in applications.

It is worth mentioning the support of technology HTML5. In the future, we can expect Steam version for smartphones running Ubuntu and the emergence of serious games. By the way, the first smartphone running the mobile version of Ubuntu will be no earlier than the beginning of 2014.

It is now proposed to learn more about the mobile version of Ubuntu in the above video.

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