Moss – The Modular Robotics Toy for everyone

Eric Schweikardt loves Legos—and Erector sets, and creating his own Capsela machinations, too. “The great thing about construction kits is that they abstract something away to make it easier for kids to build cool stuff,” says Schweikardt, CEO and design director of Modular Robotics.

With MOSS, Schweikardt hopes to simplify robotics the way LEGOs did for architecture. The idea is to get kids building robots without having to know code or electronics, bridging the gap between curiosity and creation. Today Schweikardt and the Modular Robotics team launched their project on Kickstarter, not so much as a way to raise money for the project, but to get the toy in kids’ hands as soon as possible. Modular Robotics hopes to reach $100,000 in 33 days. Modular Robotics is a type of engineering that uses smaller robots to create a larger, more dynamic bot.

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