Nano-SIM – operators are full before the arrival of the iPhone 5

Pending the arrival of the next iPhone model, the European mobile operators are stocks of nano-SIM, the new format approved by ETSI according to the draft presented by Apple.
The choice of project to represent the format nano SIM, ie a SIM card sized compact to take up as little space as possible in mobile terminals for ever and filled with various technologies, has not been any resting.

With the proposed Apple, supported by many mobile operators, several manufacturers have attempted to propose an alternative, leading to a debate within the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) to decide the final shape and characteristics of nao -SIM.

Members of ETSI have finally managed to agree, this format 4FF (Fourth Form Factor) should soon be reflected in the mobile … starting with the future iPhone, expected this fall.

Operators prepare
  Informal images and videos of the hull also suggest that it is a SIM format more compact than the current micro SIM used in iPhone 4S should be used.

And, says the Financial Times, European mobile operators are currently in the process of stockpiling millions of SIM cards nano, representing the best sign the report said economic future launch of the new Apple smartphone.

Operators were caught short when using the format micro SIM on the iPhone and the iPad tablet 4 two years ago, with some struggling to provide in this format which was already a compact version of the SIM card standard.

The major operators have therefore made ​​sure not to repeat the same mistake and to provide widely prior to the launch of Apple’s mobile products. If Apple should open the way to nano-SIM, other manufacturers are expected to come gradually.

However, Nokia, which is part of opponents of the proposed nano-size SIM offered by Apple, should not be used in the range of smartphones Lumia Windows Phone the manufacturer prepares to launch Windows Phone 8.

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