New Laptop Acer Aspire R7

Acer announced its new laptop hybrid Full HD and as you could see with the announcement, it offers four functions from classic to giant laptop tablet through the “Ezel fashion Hinge “used to have a sort of floating above the keyboard.

To do this, Acer has developed an ingenious hinge system that does not take much space and it will allow you to switch from one mode to another. Indeed, that is why Acer has not placed his trackpad below the keyboard but above. Indeed, the Taiwanese manufacturer has gone on the principle that often uses either the keyboard and trackpad or keyboard and the touch screen, but never all three at the same time or very little. Ideally, I’m not totally against and I can understand the logic of the brand!

In terms of features, I refer to the announcement HERE. It will be available this May with prices starting from € 999. Hinge on the course but also retain the touch screen Full HD and the new position of the trackpad.

From my first impressions when you discover the beast, the finish is pretty good even if you end up with plastic. It is clear that I would have preferred an aluminum finish on the entire unit, not just the hinge. Acer positions it as a computer for the office, so, it is rather light with 2.5 kg but I would have preferred more or for that matter a 17 “screen. Similarly, it would be so a version Acer 13 “of its R7 because I think the concept would fit well to mobility.

You can imagine, it was mainly the hinge need to test and I admit I was surprised at the strength and it should not suffer too much with time. Taiwanese brand boasts of a hundred patents around that this hinge.


To screen for the short time that I had in my hands, I found it quite loyal in color but also very responsive to the touch and switches between different modes quite fast and efficient. Be careful though because the screen is heavier than the rest and it may be possible to switch everything. To return to the screen, I really liked being able to switch to tablet mode to share the screen.

In terms of performance, the prototype with which we played was equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor (Core i7 version of the program as well) and quite honestly, everything turned smoothly and we look forward to testing games, of course. As for the keyboard is a chiclet keyboard and I did not have any particular problem.

In conclusion, I really liked the concept of Aspire R7 with this hinge is more discreet than part of a Dell XPS 12, for example. I still think Acer should rather release a version 13 “and 17” instead of a mere 15.6 “but I’ll test it, especially when I see the effort of the manufacturer to adapt to Windows 8.

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