New Xbox 360 Hard drive 250GB

New Xbox 360 Hard drive 250GB

New Xbox 360 250GB Microsoft’s special edition Xbox 360 250GB Kinect package has been given the official nod, with the company promising to deliver the bundle – that pairs the larger-capacity 360 console and their motion-gaming add-on – on November 4th 2010. Priced at $399.99, the Xbox 360 250GB with Kinect box will also include a copy of “Kinect Adventures Featuring a 250 GB built-in hard drive and wireless 802.11n support for streaming content from Xbox Live, the XBOX 360 has a smart, black design and is so easy to use thanks to its extensive connectivity. Among its wide range of connectors, you’ll find three USB 2.0 ports, meaning you can hook up the Xbox 360 to your computer, MP3 player or digital camera for even more possibilities.

After months of rumors, Microsoft finally unveiled a redesigned Xbox 360 console on Monday to kick off E3. The new Xbox 360 is slightly slimmer with a glossy black paint job, built-in 802.11n WiFi support, and a removable 250GB hard drive. The console is already shipping to retailers and will retail for $299.99, effectively replacing the Xbox 360 Elite 250GB model.

The new model also sports some other upgraded functionality and changes that aren’t merely aesthetic. The new Xbox 360 has two additional USB ports on the back (five total, meaning two more than the previous models) and a special port for directly powering and communicating with the Kinect add-on. The disc tray button and the power button have been replaced with touch-sensitive ones, so you merely have to touch them to perform their functions.
The new Xbox 360 250GB, with its new Alienware-like design, smaller footprint, bigger hard drive, built in Wi-Fi and whisper quiet (compared to the original Xbox 360) performance. The good news for anyone looking into getting an Xbox 360 was that the new model was priced identically
The new console apparently hums much more quietly, and the power supply has received a much welcomed downsizing. All the accessories including the headset and controller are black. Unfortunately, the console only comes with a standard composite A/V cable rather than a component or HDMI one. You’ll have to purchase a component or HDMI cable separately for about $40. The data transfer cable costs $19.99 if you wish to move your old 360 data onto the new model.

the 250GB bundle; the eagle-eyed spotted it had been mentioned on the press shot packaging for the 4GB flash-memory based bundle officially announced back in late July. That bundle will cost $299.99, while the Kinect sensor itself will be $149.99.

Hard drive 250 GB
Optical disc drive DVD drive
WiFi Yes
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 309 x 258 x 83 mm
Platform XBOX 360

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