Nokia Asha 501: Aesthetic Lumia for a new platform

Nokia Asha 501
Nokia finishes injecting a good dose of style in its economic range with the presentation of new Asha 501, a terminal 2G and WiFi of cuts reasonable and 3 inches (320 xs 240 pixels) that finish being presented makes some moments in New Delhi. No, they do not deceive the eyes to you; although externally it gives the impression of being a new Lumia, the mobile that you have ahead comprises of the economic family of the Finnish manufacturer, especially appreciated in the emergent markets, where these telephones are sold as if they were hempseeds. It tries to think about him as if outside the purely tactile version of new Asha 210… although really their new features go much more there of the aesthetic one or the lack of keyboard.

Probably most important of Asha 501 it is its condition of herald of the new operating system of Nokia for cheap mobile phones. Its name is Asha Platform and it is a version of modernized S40 with several new features concerning interface and management of tasks, fruit of the acquisition of a Danish company called SmarterPhone. Besides counting on all a new collection of icons, Asha Platform has been optimized (optimized) to be controlled by means of sweepings with the finger, having a manager of tasks in the bar superior and recopilatorio where you will find the last conducted battles so that you do not have to be looking for icons or apps in the main screen.

At a level more technician, this rectangular and colouristic Asha (he will offer himself less with anything than six different tonalities) counts on a CPU to 1 only 32 GHz and Megabyte of RAM; very far as you can see of Lumia range. Its screen, of capacitive type, is formed by a LCD panel of low resolution, whereas the camera including can capture 3 static images megapíxeles and VGA video. All the circuitry is protected by a detachable housing “in the heat of the moment”, under which one double groove SIM is hidden, MicroSD reader (with support for cards of up to 32 GB; it comes including a card from 4 GB with the telephone) and a 1,200 battery of mAh that confers to 501 Asha an autonomy of 48 days in delay or 17 hours from voice. Nothing, but that nothing badly. If what you look for are his levels, we spoke of 99.2 xs 58 xs 12.1 mm and 98 grams of weight.

And the price… how is everything? quite Then reasonable. Nokia will commercialize Asha 501 to a price of 99 dollars. We do not have the amount in Euros, but we know that it will be able to be acquired as of June in more than 90 markets anywhere in the world. Practically the only absent country of the list will be the United States, where Nokia is overturned to the 100% with Lumia range.

If you like what you see, you do not separate of the screen. Soon we will return with live photos and impressions, directly from New Delhi.

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