Nokia soon brings smartphone with 16 lens technology from Pelican

Nokia smartphone 16 lens technology Pelican
Since then, the Nokia Lumia smartphones presented, was actually clear what the focus of the devices goes. They want to offer the best camera in a smartphone and has confirmed this again with the Lumia 925th Now the question is, where do we go. According to various rumors, this trip is a pretty exciting journey.

Pelican has a camera module that is presented some time ago, which consists of 16 elements. These are arranged in a 4 x 4 and each row rectangle takes on a color. Why then is it 4? It’s simple: Then it is still possible to adjust the focus after the fact.

That is, each row is focused on another object and thereby but still created a complete picture. In addition, the noise is to be reduced by this technology.

Now, a Nokia employee has confirmed in an interview that the cameras come into Pelican future smartphones. In the past, there was often a problem with the processing power of smart phones, but this no longer seems currently to be the problem.

In addition to the Pelican camera modules are also finite Lumia smartphones come with dual SIM slot. These are for Germany, not so interesting, but quite in demand in other countries of the world. It would be nice even if Nokia would have strengthened a microSD slot in the high-end models into smaller models you have this already, but the Lumia 925 lacks it again.

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